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The best advice based on best practices by the best companies according to the best research available.

Product Launch Help That Can Mean the Difference Between Failure & Success

Product Launch Advisory Consultants Product Launch Advice Based on the Unique Factors that are Relevant to YOUR Individual Situation Requires Specialist, Post-Graduate Knowledge, Extensive Business Experience and a History of Product Launch Success

The way to launch new products successfully is to take advantage of expert product launch advice. When you tap into academic knowledge, decades of successful product launch experience and proven and talented help, you give yourself a better chance of optimal results and lowest possible risk.

Three Tiers of Product Launch Advice

  1. Proven product launch techniques observed by studying successful product launches from around the world.
  2. Adherence to proven guidelines,  based on classification of product, industries, life cycle positions and over 100 other variables
  3. Experience - A few, tactical "street-tricks" that have worked for each of us over our average 30-year's experience, per consultant.

Product Launch Advice Testimonial

"Our consultant hit the ground running with insightful and creative strategic and marketing advice from day one. He helped us get national distribution through pharmacy wholesalers, created interest in Coles and Woolworths, and made a major contribution to our business plan. Launch Engineering also guided us into better media buying and a great value TV advertisement." Craig Erskine-Smith, CEO, Erskine Dental - makers of Piksters™.

Launch Engineering exists to deliver you expert help and advice from product launch marketing specialists: Executives who have launched product, innovation, new ideas, start ups, new brands, divisions and branches before; and KNOW what to beware of, what tricks to use and how to solve or avoid problems that might occur. Large corporate national and international organisations, and smaller businesses, can, and do, maximise profitable outcomes when they draw on the skills of our product launch experts.

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Advice that helps you avoid costly Product Launch mistakesAvoid Product Launch Mistakes

The biggest mistake we see people make is "saving a penny and losing a dollar". They risk everything... their future, their savings, their homes, but won't pay a small fee for our knowledge and experience.

Most product launches where entrepreneurs appoint advisers and heed our advice, succeed. Most products launched, even by very competent entrepreneurs, who try to do everything themselves, choke, struggle or fail... but when you think about it, it adds up: How could an executive who rarely launches products be as conversant with the factors that effect a product launch as someone who does it all the time?

That's why you'll savour the product launch advice delivered by our team of leading edge strategists who specialise in launching products. Just ask about some of our many successfully launched brands and you'll find it impossible to argue the worth of our advice! The majority of people launching a new product do so not knowing how much they don't know about product launch.. which is why so many 'good' products fail!

Launching Innovation - free download

Article on launching innovative new productsRationally, people KNOW that practice makes perfect and that a product launch specialist, who has been trained in, teaches, and performed hundreds of product launches, MUST be better at it than someone who has done a few, if any.

However, they balk at paying a fee for advice, and then lose their shirt.

There is an old story about a doctor who saved a patient’s life and sent the patient a bill for $100,000. The patient was upset because the doctor only spent 15 minutes with him, so he asked for an itemized bill. What he got was this:
Hospital Stay: $ 5,000
Supplies: $2,000
Knowing where to cut: $93,000
...Did the patient get value? Tell us what YOU think!

Launch Engineering can help you in so many ways...

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Adopt Proven Product Launch Methods

Launch new products with product launch methods & techniques used by successful companies to launch new products

Relying on business & marketing methods that have succeeded in the past is simply common sense.

A scientific product launch pre-launch diagnosis, Product launch checklist, validation and check.Enjoy safer, surer, more explosive product launch sales, and relax knowing your marketing is secured upon consistent, universally proven and accountable marketing and product launch methods based on other successful product launches as well as decades of investigative study by Universities and schools of higher learning.

Launch new products and secure sustainable competitive advantage, take advantage of our refined commercial market research methods and improve the likelihood of your decisions being winning ones.

Consulting services specialising in product launch

Our consultants deliver expert help & advice in marketing management, strategic marketing planning and business strategy development... with their own product launch & marketing successes to support marketing management disciplines and methods. They KNOW marketing communications, product portfolio management, branding, pricing, and all the elements of the Nexus of Marketing that need to be managed to ensure the best product launch outcome possible.

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Better New product launch & introduction

Best possible Launch Marketing Advice for New ProductsBrief us and you'll experience a quantum leap in sophisticated strategic market planning and business strategy development that is likely to leave you exhilarated!

When you launch new products with product launch advice from experienced AND qualified marketing business & marketing consultants, you enjoy safer, surer, more explosive product launch sales, and rely on consistent, universally recognised and accountable marketing management that is proven to work.

Commercially valuable market research makes every decision a winning one. Sophisticated strategic market planning and business strategy development, expert help from & advice from product launch marketing specialists based on the wisdom of accumulated business studies from around the world means you'll launch new products using business & marketing advice of experienced AND qualified marketing consultants.

Successful product launch requires excellent formal marketing plans & business planning

While the best product launch advice available is a cornerstone of our services, enlightening management to discovering what CAN be achieved through better strategic marketing our forte.  The combination of wisdom and 'street-smart experience' with the science of 'marketing', generating the extraordinary change for which we are known.

Marketing Knowledge delivers ideal marketing management decisions

It is the EASY WAY: Adopt proven, advanced marketing science appropriate and relevant to your target markets. Use the same methods and tools huge corporations have spent millions perfecting. Apply processes and systems that leading business schools around the world have identified as the best.

Launch Engineering’s consultants know how to interpret market research, conduct better analysis, and apply understanding of buyer behaviour. Launch Engineering marketing information management regularly helps clients make winning decisions. We even manage market research and data mining to save clients from wasting marketing money, generate more profits and win more market share.

Using us brings you shoulder to shoulder with experts at information interpretation, and analysis, but also gives you access to the accumulated learning of commercial business across the globe... a brain pool of the leaders in business thought from around the world.

Don't procrastinate or tell yourself you haven't got the budget: Remember, "only a rich man can afford cheap things".

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Strategic Product Launch

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To launch a product

Tapping into Launch Engineering means you’ll have product launch marketing experts who not only live and breathe the science of marketing, but also apply sophisticated brand management strategies, marketing tools, and proven analytic methodology to make sure your company builds and maintains a sustainable competitive advantage.   Learn more...

New product launch marketing comes from better market research, qualified advice in new product introduction and experience in launching new products

Clients are consistently overwhelmed with the explosive results, measurable and identifiable in sales, profits and morale.

This site introduces the "tip of the iceberg" of skills, experience & that can create the dream product launch, metamorphosing marketing planning, insightful, meticulous market research information management and generic business growth.  If this is the kind of impact you value, talk to us today...

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