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Marketing Management Training, marketing training in strategy, research, all marketing communications, price management, product development, product launch, sales planning, and more...

Marketing training for senior executives by commercially experienced executives & MBA lecturers

Marketing Training that turns savvy business people into profit making machines

Marketing Training for c-level and senior executivesCommercially 'savvy' senior management. strategy & marketing consultants with experience in University lecturing at MBA level are perfect mentors for great business people who haven't yet had the benefit of advanced marketing training.

LE marketing training is ideal for advertising industry executives, marketing graduates who need a refresher, and business & marketing managers without a marketing degree or formal marketing education.

Strategic Marketing Training

Concentrated workshops deliver:

Launch Engineering executives can empower your key management executives with marketing training & knowledge in a matter of weeks... we even provide a quick, high-powered and impactful course packed tightly into a 2-day strategic management & marketing training workshop! You see an immediate improvement in marketing skills, with comprehensive marketing training that will cover advertising training, marketing strategy training, product management training... and everything they need to turn them into masters of marketing management.Marketing Training delivering commercial application of academic models.

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Marketing Training for B2C & B2B

People, well-trained people, are the very foundation of certain success in business. Training in Marketing, research, analysis, marketing planning and strategy development is the springboard for continuing and improving business success.

Marketing Training Workshops

Attend commercial workshops we present around the world... or request your own, tailor-made workshops in house.

Category Management Training Workshop

Click here to download our latest Category Management training workshop brochure that outlines details of the content. Category Management Training Workshop Outline.

Product Development Training Workshop

Click here to download our latest Product Development training workshop brochure that outlines details of the content. Product Development Training Workshop Outline.

Customer Value Management Training Workshop

Click here to download our latest Customer Value Management training workshop brochure that outlines details of the content. Customer Value Management Training Workshop Outline.

Tailor-made marketing training for your business and/or industry

Want specific, commercially tailored marketing training that includes marketing science and academic knowledge relevant to YOUR business? Done! Just call 02 8011 4355 NOW.

Example of Content in a 2-Day Marketing Training Workshop

This was the content of a recent 2-Day Product Launch Marketing Management Training Workshop

A great marketing short course: Marketing training workshops simply do not cover such relevant and useful course learning materials, and rarely offer such a marketing tutor of such high repute.

2-Day Product Launch Workshop Marketing training topics - AM Day 1
  1. What is “marketing”?
  2. The Nexus of “Marketing”?
  3. How to Overwhelm Customers and Shareholders
  4. The marketer's most powerful tool
  5. Product portfolio management
  6. Positioning
  7. Gap analysis
  8. Market attractiveness
  9. New Product Development
  10. “P's” of marketing
  11. Change management
  12. Consumer marketing
  13. B2B Marketing
  14. Business Environment Issues
  15. Secure Competitive Advantage
  16. Strategic Options
  17. Key launch factors
2-Day Product Launch Workshop Marketing training topics - PM Day 1
  1. Marketing mix issues
  2. Macro & Microeconomic factors
  3. Corporate resource capabilities
  4. Corporate “Fit”
  5. Ansoff Matrix
  6. Resource Based approach
  7. Market Strategy Development
  8. Analyse Market Attractiveness
  9. Product Research & Development
  10. Modern Marketing Science – Risk & factor assessment
  11. “What am I missing?” X-factors
  12. Contingency Planning
  13. Commercialisation
  14. 9 Components of Product Launch Success
  15. 7 reasons for new product failure
  16. Classification of Goods
2-Day Product Launch Workshop Marketing training topics - AM Day 2
  1. Execution of a Successful Product Launch
  2. Marketing Planning
  3. Actions Plans
  4. Tactic Development & Control
  5. Implementation & Contingency Plans
  6. Feedback & Control
  7. Making a Plan Work
  8. Corporate Governance
  9. Barriers to marketing planning
  10. Managing Culture
  11. Behavioural leverage
  12. Cognitive buying Decisions
  13. Marketing Resources
  14. Marketing Quiz
  15. Marketing Orientation
  16. Marketing Planning
  17. Pricing Strategy
  18. Distribution & Channel Partners
2-Day Product Launch Workshop Marketing training topics - PM Day 2
  1. Marketing Communications
  2. Customer Response Strategy
  3. Managing Creative Services
  4. Brand Management
  5. Product Launch Issues when Launching Innovative Products
  6. The Law of Diminishing Brand Equity
  7. Brand Loyalty
  8. Brand Decay
  9. Brand Strategy
  10. Market Share
  11. Product-Price Position
  12. Marketing return on investment
  13. Differentiation and Customer Value
  14. Product-Service / Equipment-People Continuum
  15. Buyer Decisions
  16. Managing Brand LONGEVITY
  17. Strategic Management & Marketing Strategy

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Why do Executives Need Marketing Strategy and Planning Management Training?

Marketing Training for c-level and senior executivesMastery of Marketing Management is perfect management training, for marketing executives WITH formal Marketing Strategy and Planning Training because they often have lost touch with the techniques and methods between when they studied and when they were promoted to strategic level of management..

Mastery of Marketing Management propels marketing executives without formal Marketing Strategy and Planning Training into a whole new universe of understanding. This commercial based marketing training empowers them to make more productive, cost efficient and accurate management decisions.

The six to 13-week (your option) marketing training program embraces every aspect of marketing science from the definition of marketing through to high-end corporate marketing governance.

You’ll develop your planning, agency management, information management, communications management and sales management skills and walk away with a template of a marketing plan to use in your own professional development.

Mastery of Marketing Management presents a unique opportunity to catapult yourself from not knowing how much you don’t know to complete confidence with even the most sophisticated specialist experts.

Marketing Training workshops, seminars or keynote presentations that will help a great executive or marketing manager become a Master of Marketing

For any executive marketing training, a management short course, management seminars, particularly marketing seminars, try our marketing workshop, marketing conferences & management trainers.

13-week Marketing Training equips Operational Managers within Strategic, Planning and Management Skills for better executive decision making.

Marketing Management, Strategy and Planning instruction: The marketing they teach you in an MBA, condensed to a 13-week compact course

Knowledge is Power! Great training leads to great management.

"Mastery of Marketing Management (MOMM)" Marketing Training for Senior Executives

Marketing Strategy and Planning Training for senior executives and for operational marketing managers who have not formally studied marketing, and want to hone the knowledge gains delivered by in traditional marketing degree in 12 weeks.

Program Duration: 13-week non-residential, 3-hour training sessions + 3 hours self and group study every week.

Mastery of Marketing Management - course content

Packed full of case studies and real-life examples, marketing training will improve marketing management skills as participants evolve through the following topics:

Mastery of Marketing Management - Key benefits

By taking this marketing management training program, you can:

Marketing Training Participant Feedback:

"I learned more about real-life marketing management decision making from this Marketing Training course than all my University studies put together!"

Marketing training, seminars, short courses, presentations, workshops & coaching

Workshops can be half day, full day, 2 days, or periodic (a few hours a week) for extensive marketing and management training.

Some advanced modlues can be rquested as stand-alone. These include:

Marketing Training Fees

Fees are negotiable, based on a per participant or flat fee basis (minimum number of participants required), subject to logistics, locations, inclusion of options such as text book, post-course assessment, template review and appraisal, certificate and all program materials.

On-site at client premises or in suitable training rooms.

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