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Get answers to the questions, "Why isn't my business doing better? Why isn't this company making money? How can I make better profits?"

Get "Undercover Boss" Insights Without Doing It Yourself

Get the Undercover boss treatmentApart from being a globally successful reality show, Undercover Boss is also a very effective means of discovering imperfections in your business operations.

However, not every CEO can take time or be available to be an Undercover boss themselves, despite the need to always be vigilant for performance improvement opportunities.

If you want the Undercover Boss outcomes, without the Undercover Boss effort, a Deficiency Analysis might be your performance improvement plan solution.

Our consultants are experienced and trained at humbly working at all levels with your people, They'll quietly observe high performers and low performers. They'll notice the issues, the conditioning, the habits, the causes and the motives that are helping your business and/or hindering it. Then just like an undercover boss, you'll be able to devise ways to reward, nurture & inspire positive behaviour and outcomes, while diminishing and extinguishing loss makers and inefficiencies that are hampering business performance. If that is what you want, ask for your Undercover Boss study now...

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Improve Business Performance by Discretely Discovering Hidden Weak Points

Why isn't your company, division or business unit doing better? Wouldn't you like to discretely check compliance to procedure? Morale of workers? Competence of Management?

Discrete, subtle and covert business analysis, identifying any barriers to improving profits is a crucial first-step in the performance improvement planning process.

Failure Diagnosis and performance improvementUse a systematic process by which you covertly, but objectively, find out why a business is underperforming and identify paths (and hurdles) to profit growth.

Deficiency Analysis Improves Business Performance by Identifying Your Business Unit's Inefficiencies

Deficiency Analysis - Secret Detection To See if Weaknesses Exist in a Business Unit

Deficiency analysis is identification of your business's weak points, the “Achilles Heel” within an organisation. In the context of a SWOT Analysis, it is a critical but unbiased identification of the Weaknesses of the organisation, for the sole purpose of isolating controllable variables that are interrupting the flow of growth, profit, sales, morale, goodwill, or any other sought after improvement that the organisation wishes to pursue.

The benefits of Deficiency Analysis are significant! Identification of Deficiencies can save a company from a plethora of tragedies. Some of the benefits include saved market share, saved profit, extra growth, reduced staff turnover, improved staff moral, greater sales, better public image.

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SWOT Business Diagnosis: Opportunity & Deficiency Analysis

Years of management consulting, dealing with difficult business scenarios, led us to develop and refine this valuable management tool we call Deficiency Analysis; - finding out why a division or business unit is not 'performing'. Our proprietary methodology identifies significant factors causing poor performance, but also reveals business solutions to turnaround poor performance.

Find New Opportunities

A 'fringe benefit' of Deficiency Analysis and assessment, regardless of whether you have sales turnover between $10M and $1B, is it helps you find new and innovative strategies to make your activities more profitable.

Performance improvement & turnaround

A Deficiency Analysis will reveal the true reasons why you business unit isn't 'firing' and will deliver the turnaround strategy & processes necessary to fix it.

From a formal Marketing Audit to a "Discrete Insight Study" - you'll have the facts to fix a struggling business.

Examples of How Deficiency Analysis Helped Businesses Prosper

From retail to FMCG, professional services to industrial commodities, Launch Engineering will almost certainly determine the missing links to join you to sales, profits growth, and performance that may never even have previously been thought possible.
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