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Telemarketing isn't what it was 7 years ago!

Get the most out of telemarketingThe nature and process how people buy has changed in many categories and for most product types... Does telemarketing 'fit' or work as well as it should? Is there another way to use your telemarketing capabilities better?

In 2007, research showed that 70% of all business purchases were a result of an initial search on the web. By 2010, this had risen to 90%. Of course nowadays, most businesses are internet savvy; but how has, and does, this impact on the ROI and opportunity cost of telemarketing?

The answer depends of what product 'type' your offering falls into, which can vary for segments to segments... and what function your telemarketing is trying to fulfil in the path to purchase.

For example, charities collecting for a good cause have a large segments where their offering is described, scientifically, as an "unsought good (service). In THIS case, outbound telemarketing is likely to be genuinely valid (subject to a few factors).

In contrast, printer supplies marketers hawking their wares by outbound telemarketing are almost certainly wasting promotional dollars and securing low-profit or even loss-generating customers.

How Can You Tell if Telemarketing is a Sensible or Wasteful Option?

Scientific Strategic Marketing involves juggling dozens of co-dependant factors across the 8P's of Marketing... and telemarketing is one of many options that fall under a sub-section of just ONE "P" of Marketing (Promotions).

When you discuss your organisational situation, market segments, goals, resources, issues and circumstances with a properly qualified, highly experienced, seasoned professional strategy consultant, THEN you'll find out exactly how and why, when and if, telemarketing is right for you.

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Call Centre Results

If you want call centre results to always be at their optimum then you have to apply refined business analytical skills, human behavioural excellence and sophisticated marketing communications methods to the management of the centre... or it simply won't happen. Long gone are the days, where self-taught supervisors and high-performing casuals are satisfactory.

Improve telemarketing and stimulate call centre performance, help improve telemarketing returns

Improve Telemarketing Returns & Call Centre Performance

Often, taking an integrated marketing communications approach, pursuing synergies between your call centre and other operations, creates greater resonance from your corporate marketing, synergy and greater returns.

Launch Engineering specialist associate consultants can assist recruit highly sought-after, in-bound and out-bound telemarketing specialists who can help super-charge your telemarketing department.

IMPROVE PERFORMANCE with motivational techniques, performance management and creative re-structuring - whatever it takes - you can expect a real increase in productivity and results across the board, from recruitment, to policy and procedures, sales scripting... improving existing centres or starting new ones from scratch... predictive diallers to database management.

Using art AND science, Launch Engineering manages ALL the components of your marketing and management mix to 'make it happen".

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