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A Market Research Firm Whose People Really Know Market Research

Get MUCH more from your market research spendWhen you commission LE consultants to take care of your market research, you get

  1. Market Researchers who have marketing degrees with qualifications at post-graduate level,
  2. Market Researchers who have taught market research at post-graduate level,
  3. Researchers who have written market research text books, and
  4. Researchers who have worked commercially, specialising in market research for over 30 years.

You should only expect the highest standard of market research from our leading-edge researchers, analysts, & strategy consultants.

Delivering Insights that Exceed other Top Market Research Companies in Australia

Possessing innovative and sophisticated market research knowledge and skills means market research you can rely on... To start, you'll enjoy practical, down-to-earth marketing insights from senior executives who know how to look for, and indentify, innovative, insightful and poignant research findings: Market researchers who start by working with you to refine your research focus and scope, to improve or optimise design, data collection, and marketing analysis.

You'll get results that are on time, on budget, on point, and more: Marketing Research focused on strategic results, not just numbers, from thinking, high-calibre researchers who really understand your research objectives, your operating objectives, and the right methodology to bring you outstanding insights.

Market Research that Asks the Right Questions & Discovers Your Customers' "Hot Buttons"

Market Research Firm with decades of successes to prove its abilitiesMarket research is NOT cheap. So, use a market research firm whose executives who not only posses at least 30 years' experience - they are also genuine market research thought-leaders, lecturers in Market Research (usually post-graduate) and who have post-graduate qualifications in Market Research.

History majors, psych majors, statisticians and mathematicians are one thing, but specialist/practical, down-to-earth marketing senior executives know who to build and deliver the highest quality, most innovative, insightful and poignant research feedback, design, data collection, and marketing analysis so you can make winning, tactically superior decisions.

Squeeze every cent of Value from your Market Research Budget

Market Research Firm secrets of the best launch businesses in the worldMany market Research Firms wish they produced results like we do because they know our commercial experience and academic know-how, and our own advanced methods in Market Research, just deliver better value.

Market Research services include traditional and cutting-edge, technology-based, qualitative and quantitative market research.

A focus on strategic issues including brand development and positioning, product development, communications design and testing, market assessment

You get results that are on time, on budget, on point, and more: Unlike theoretical marketing research firms, you'll enjoy a focus on strategic results, not just numbers, from thinking, high-calibre researchers who really understand your research objectives, your operating objectives, with methodology that brings you optimal outcomes.

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Expert market research & strategic marketing advice

Market research where issues, objectives and research problems are identified A staged incremental approach with phase objectives, review criteria and "go/no-go" milestones.

Market Research objectives specific and relevant to client needs Delivery of incremental returns and ongoing market research & strategic development.

Market research field work monitored and controlled by market research savvy, experienced marketing research executives Strong depth of market research analysis - returning customer value, segmentation and process evaluation.

Market Research and Data Mining Services Selection of market research service suppliers appropriate to client needs and resources.

Delivering market research with better customer and market insight. Cooperatively work to assist communicate results throughout the organisation and develop appropriate strategies.

Perception market research, consumer, behaviour, buyer, behavior Individual, client-specific market research design

Market research tailored to client needs You enjoy approaches developed for you, not ourselves. You get better information because the most appropriate and cost effective methods are proposed that suit the desired outcome, budgetary appropriateness and efficiency suitable for solving the research problem.

Marketing Plan Down to earth practical interpretation of market research findings

Market Research and Data Mining Services You get concise explanations in straight terms - meaningful, commercial interpretation of market research.

Market Research and Data Mining Services Benefit by strategic recommendations based on commercial reality drawn from better market research.

Market Research and Data Mining for Pricing Strategy Pricing analysis and Pricing Strategy from market research for best product pricing outcomes

Market research that will sophisticate pricing decisions Strategic market research techniques and methods, utilising market research findings, to maximise margins and sophisticate your pricing decisions.

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