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What do you need from a Marketing Consultant?

There are 1000's of Marketing Consultants, from diverse backgrounds with VERY different talents. Getting the right one starts with you understanding the true meaning of "marketing", so you can identify what type of marketing consultant you need.. [See: "What is 'Marketing'?"]

A Strategic Marketing Consultant

A strategic marketing consultant will astound you with ability to identify gaps and areas of opportunity for your business. Their marketing expertise spreads across multiple industries and sectors, and they possess remarkable skills in corporate strategy and c-level decision making. They can save and make you millions with the ability to see implications and contingencies across economics, law, accounting, HR, organisational structure, and politics... which is great for strategy development.

A Managerial Marketing Consultant

A managerial marketing consultant is one with specific industry experience, giving them a deeper understanding of the business to deliver interim management that is relevant and effective. Industry-specific experience can be more effective as those individuals have a better understanding of context and relevance in the business.

An Operational Marketing Consultant

An operational or administrative marketing consultant probably believes marketing is simply marketing communications... knowing advertising and promotional tricks, and having a strong grasp of the digital world. Likely to be very cluey with SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising. Great for managing your AdWords & Twitter page, not so good for advanced Pricing, Positioning, Process, Product development, Distribution, or Internal Marketing strategic advice.


Looking for Leading-Edge Strategic Marketing Consultants?

Focused on sustainable competitive advantage

You can count on strategic advice to deliver an educated, wise and fresh perspective or solve a specific problem. For better results than you're getting now, let us help you with...

  • Identifying profitable customers
  • Discovery of blue ocean opportunities
  • Increased customer retention
  • Uncovering weaknesses
  • Timely, appropriate and inspiring new product development
  • Product Launch efficiencies
  • Internal Marketing Insights
  • Launch Programming & Marketing Planning
  • Trade & Channel Marketing
  • Distribution Streamlining
  • Better operational Marketing processes
  • Coordinated Change Management
  • Total Quality Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Marketing Implementation Programming
  • Promotional Services Selection
  • Ad Hoc Marketing Consulting
  • Marketing Management Projects
  • Interim Marketing Management & Mentoring
  • Corporate branding and brand portfolio strategies

Join other corporate decision makers who have used our strategic input to increase profits between 20-50% in companies of sales volume between $20M to $1B.

Business consulting, Marketing Management, Marketing Consultant, marketing ideas, marketing and business management consultants in SydneyOur experienced, senior consultants combine formal qualifications, experience in marketing management and know-how learned in delivering corporate marketing consulting. Building brand share, margins, marketing efficiency and sales growth.

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