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What is corporate governance? The Definition of Corporate Governance:

Corporate Governance, management performance management, marketing strategy, strategy for marketing, strategic management"Corporate Governance is overseeing management, control and coordination of overt and implied needs and wants of the organisation aligned to legal, moral, industry, cultural and political expectations of all stakeholders with whom it transacts or effects, and the resources available; transparently, responsibly and diligently so as to engage and align with clarity and purpose." © Leigh Cowan 2010

Strategic Marketing Governance significantly lightens the burden on Board members in terms of Corporate Governance responsibilities and leadership.

Q: What is 'Marketing Governance"?

Corporate Governance, management performance management, marketing strategy, strategy for marketing, strategic management A: Marketing Governance is building sustainable competitive advantage, harmoniously in the context of the organisation's purpose; ethically and optimally managing business & interactions with the market, within the limitations of the resources available to the organisation. © Leigh Cowan 2010

Q: So what is good Marketing Governance?

A: Good  marketing governance is having the wisdom and experience, understanding & education, to acknowledge the potency and impact of embracing advanced marketing science and proven business methodology for all marketing practices. Because this requires strategic marketing qualifications and specialist know-how, operational marketing executives sometimes recruit specialist advice to ensure quality marketing governance.

Q: How can senior management ensure good Marketing Governance?

A: Usually internal executives don't possess the breadth of commercial knowledge, as they are specialist in their field of operational expertise. This is why it is sensible to solicit advice from specialist consultants with specific training, experience and strategic skills that complement internal operational marketing skills.

Q: What Should You Expect from Marketing Governance Consultants?

A: The measure of a good consultant is one who generates more in profits than they cost.

If you are a leader in business you have decades of operational experience, and intuitive strategic sense... you just need advisers who have the same level of strategic experience as you have operational experience, THEN you'll soon see the value.

Q: Are Governance Consultants a Sensible Investment?

A: Strategic consultants don't stimulate sales by a few percent, they double them. They don't change a logo and call it a huge success, they change a corporation's performance. They don't launch a single new product and beat their chest, they launch a whole new category and only ask that you pay your bill on time. The problem is too few executives realize how vitally enriching strategic guidance is to the future...

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Corporate Governance is Coming Under More Scrutiny

It is often said that "Finance is the fuel, but Marketing is the engine". Although Accounting & Finance have borne the blame for corporate failure in the past, focus is now turning to Marketing Governance.

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Of course we're not the only consultants available, but think about these credentials:

As investors and backers develop more mature and professional understanding of Marketing, abandoning the limited perception of Marketing as just Promotional Communications, Marketing Governance is becoming a key focus point. Don't be left behind. Ask for more information, call 02 98011 4355 now.

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