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Distribution & Channel Marketing Insights & Knowledge

Review your market channels of distributionEnhanced Distribution & Channel Marketing means you reduced costs, improved efficiency, expanded markets & increased customer satisfaction:

  1. Bring new products & brands to market without harming existing business.
  2. Apply value-based pricing strategy without 'rocking the boat'.
  3. Lay waste to competitors and undermine competitive threats
  4. Control channel dynamics & turn low margin customers into attractive ones.
  5. Satisfy segments you didn't know existed, or were previously unable to reach.
  6. Grow your business in the face of tougher economic times.

Whether you suffer supply-chain problems, demand chain problems, or ancillary problems, you should only expect the highest standard of channel marketing advice from leading-edge strategy consultants who are specifically trained in multi-channel marketing modelling and implementation.

Possessing proper distribution management training and qualifications, Launch Engineering consultants deliver superior strategy to meet or surpass your expectations.

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What is Distribution and its importance in Marketing Management

Distribution channels, channel marketing and channel management

Managing Distribution helps develop high performance marketing channels, delivering sales growth, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, brand equity and efficiencies that stretch from better staff morale to shareholder pride.

Our distribution and logistics minded consultants identify alternative channel systems, help you best balance your direct, indirect multi-channel systems, and distinguish between B2B and B2C channels to improve cost efficiency, sales productivity and market share.

Key Definitions for Strategic "Distribution" & Channel Marketing

  1. Distribution, in marketing terms, is simply the process of delivering.
  2. Channels of Distribution are the media by which goods, services, experiences, etc are distributed that also serve to collect payment.
  3. Marketing Logistics is the coordination of channels of distribution so as to optimise the process of exchange.
  4. Channel Distribution Management optimises customer value at each point of exchange while minimising, if not avoiding, channel conflict.
[To read more on academic justification for Distribution and Channel Marketing strategy, go to: http://www.marketing-schools.org/types-of-marketing/channel-marketing.html]

Key Issues for Channel Selection, Support & Management

  • Different segments have different channel usage habits & behaviour
  • If your product is on shelf there is less room for competitors' SKU's
  • Pricing Strategy must be complimentary to the channel
  • Every channel demands and exhausts some resources
  • Brand equity is not a possession, it is a responsibility
  • Segmentation still rules

Common Feux Pars in Distribution Management & Strategic Planning

  • "We sell in every feasible channel"
  • "There is no way we can improve our distribution"
  • "Whatever we do, our competitors will follow"
  • "Customers are fickle - they only buy on price"
  • "There is no room for innovation, we've tried everything"
  • "Trade partners wouldn't agree, so our hands are tied"

How does Distribution fit into the Marketing Mix?

Just as with any other element of the marketing mix, Distribution is dependent upon all other elements. Hence,

  • Promotions strategy is subject to channel management, just as much as channel strategy is constrained or embellished by marketing communications strategies.
  • Pricing effects channel opportunities... channels of distribution effect pricing strategies.
  • Positioning is reinforced or undermined by distribution channels which effect buyer perceptions. So alliance strategies, multiple channel vs. single or duel channel, supply chain, and marketing logistics network decisions should all be made in context of segment needs, customer value issues, life cycle position, industry dynamics and competitive factors... just to name a few.

Channel Marketing strategy a minefield for some, but easier if you have trained, experienced advice on hand.

Call us now to arrange a marketing logistics and distribution audit for your firm , and see just how significant disciplines can be in improving your bottom line.

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