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Four Components of Marketing Planning

Marketing planning cycleStrategic marketing planning incorporates the multiple disciplines necessary for Marketing: Product Management, Pricing Strategy, Supply Chain & Demand Chain (Distribution), Processes, Alignment & Engagement of People, Positioning and (of course) Marketing Communications (Sales, Promotion & Advertising).

Truly comprehensive strategic marketing planning starts with an accurate assessment of the current position of the organisation.

Where are we now? - Analysis
Where do we want to be? - Guidelines & Purpose
How are we going to get there? - ImplementationMarketing planning cycle
Monitoring - Management & Control devices

The Importance of Marketing PlanningMarketing Management of the Marketing Mix

Marketing Planning Sets Accountable Outcomes

Marketing Planning sets the path your business must pursue to achieve its goals.

Get it right - You win! Get it wrong, you're dead!

Marketing planning is so important, the advantages of involving a professional marketing planner far outweigh the costs.

Involving experienced, qualified Marketing Planners, armed with proven marketing planning methods, used by the world's most experienced and successful market-led companies, is your best chance of ensuring your plans address all elements of the marketing mix, coordinating them carefully, and balancing your organisation's capabilities in context with the dynamics of competition AND the needs of markets segments AND all relevant stakeholders.

Marketing Planning sets the actions and inputs strategically identified in advance, your profits and results WILL be achieved IF & ONLY IF the planning is right. Formal marketing planning empowers management, inspires staff, evokes enthusiasm from investors, and confidence from business partners.

Marketing Planning is the core of the Business Plan: Maintaining the corporate strategy

Business planning extends details to do with operational HR. Accounting, Finance, Production, administration areas while the Marketing Plan focuses on managing the market competitors, price, product , distribution, marketing environment, and the promotion mix (see the Nexus of Marketing below). Marketing planning sets the marketing objectives that reflect corporate objectives. The business plan lays out the operational activities to support the Marketing Objectives while also setting non-marketing objectives to keep the organisational operationally sound. Marketing planning cycle

Marketing Planning does NOT deal with OH&S, funding, purchasing, storage, office layout, or bookkeeping. Marketing Planning does create a sound Strategic Plan, the How to Market Plan. Marketing planning includes writing an action plan, built from its strategic planning development. Marketing Planning is the core for building business plans of successful companies.

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Experts at Marketing Planning

Prosper with a marketing plan that is a concise, implementable and usable. A Plan that includes an Action Program, detailed down to indivisible tactics; a Communications Plan, a Sales Plan, an e-Business plan, with Contingency planning, break-even analysis and feedback & control mechanisms.

Research analysis and interpretation, recognition of attractive segments, understanding of customer behaviour, and grasp of competitive factors are all vital to planning for your business.

You'll appreciate the plus-30 years experience our executives have, repeatedly writing marketing plans that work: Turning marketing science into potent commercial reality... a road map to optimal profits, sales, competitive advantage, and success in product launch, marketing implementation and business management.

Why Expert Marketing Planning works

A marketing plan written by a marketing plan writer that writes winning marketing plans for strategic marketing successApplying the techniques of companies like Mars and 3M; forecasting using scenario planning in coordination with cross-impact analysis, the many benefits derived from professional strategic marketing planning almost guarantees success.

Your activities and energy will go through an inspiring metamorphosis, experiencing innovative strategic planning and coordination of product, distribution, communications, and pricing: You'll have a marketing plan that targets better markets, with fresh marketing strategies, and motivating marketing tactics.

8 Ways to Improve Marketing Planning & Implementation

  1. Review, and upgrade (if necessary) the scope, purpose and potency of market segmentation
  2. Plan with the context of the organisation's functional structure
  3. Plan within collaborative and political parameters, inclusive of informal power structures
  4. Fit planning around corporate culture
  5. Work with available reporting and information feedback infrastructure
  6. Capitalise and recognise limitations of corporate capabilities
  7. Understand and utilise operational capabilities
  8. Create sustainable competitive advantage from the unique and inimitable qualities of the organisation.

To have your corporate strategy built on better market analysis, including segmentation, industry analysis, product analysis, competition analysis, is the  first step towards success, but applying proven marketing methods and concepts, to produce a marketing action program that lays out the best possible way to achieve your goals, is the essential "Part Two" that turns your knowledge into power.

Remember, a Launch Engineering strategic marketing plan is a usable tool, (not a thick, theoretical strategic plan that is meaningless to the operational personnel expected to implement it) so it can't help but best align & engage the people responsible for implementation.

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Strategic Planning Builds Rock-Solid brands, business units, companies and organisations

Your will prosperity depends upon good marketing planning. You get better use of marketing services, which helps you propagate sales (and profits) and generate better marketing ideas.

Added Benefits of Using A Leading Edge Marketing Planner

You can expect comprehensive marketing planning, creative use of market segmentation, sophisticated brand management and attractive, measurable sales and profit results. When you commission Launch Engineering for marketing planning, you ALSO (incidentally) secure a tailor-made marketing planning template that, modified, will continue to improve planning results for years to come. Concise objectives, comprehensive marketing tactics, and relevant interpretation of your internal marketing knowledge, will form a solid foundation for on-going marketing planning in your organisation, indefinitely.

Planning: Concept to implementation - Proper marketing planning delivers a 'how-to' manual your staff can simply follow to achieve the results you want. Discuss Marketing Planning now!

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