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Are You Asking Yourself, "How Do I Find Investors?"

Mistakes when asking for moneyAre you looking for lenders & to find private equity venture capital for business ideas?

Raising capital is the key to making sure a decent business idea doesn't fail. Launch Engineering knows how to introduce you to private or unlisted companies to raise capital by showcasing your business to wholesale, sophisticated, international and professional investors.

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Don't make mistakes when asking investors for Capital

Our consultants KNOW how to build value into your business proposition. They are experienced sales forecasters, and their management acumen will impress even the most cynical of investors.

We'll help you build a strong business model, write knock-out business plans, and introduce such marketing finesse that investors are more likely to scramble for the chance to invest in your business.

Government funding for business

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Get government money

It surprising how many businesses are unaware of the grants and other sources of funds available from the Government. Ask for an obligation-free chat with our specialist consultant.

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Finding Someone To Invest

You need four key things when you search for external funding necessary to fund your business aspirations:

  • A product and/or service that fulfils an unsatisfied need - for which there is a real market.
  • A terrific idea that has, and will hold, sustainable competitive advantage
  • A business plan that is objectives and realistically quantifies a real return on investment
  • An Information Memorandum that honestly, ethically and legally delivers all the pertinent content of your business plan to your potential investor in such a way as to inspire them to invest in you and your business idea.

The X-factor that helps raise working capital business finance and find private equity venture capital

While your Venture Capitalist will appreciate spending wisely, even frugally to conserve funds, this needs to be in context of NOT interfering with the success of the venture. For example, you only need a basic car to get you from point 'A' to point 'B' but only buying three tyres for it would be an unwise, false economy. Many start-up businesses fall into the trap of saying 'we can't afford it' when they should be saying 'we can't afford NOT to have it'.

The means of distinguishing between what you need and what you don't is revealed by a good marketing plan. A derivation of your marketing plan fro external perusal is called an Information Memorandum... kind of like a Prospectus but without all the legal constraints that inhibit 'selling' the idea or concept.

Raise Working Capital Business Finance

First step is to show “Ignition Capital©”, which is capital that people shows investors you have put your own substantial investment into the project, and that that enough people in your "inner sanctum" believe in your idea.

This creates kudos and helps investors to take your seriously.

Its also necessary to convert your ‘core idea’ to  partial reality: A patent, a prototype, a beta version, or trading history ... Some sort of evidence that demonstrates the validity of the idea and the potential “legs” it has for returns for the investor.

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