How to Improve Likelihood of Success in Business

Products don't 'fail'... it is management error, business mistakes, or not preparing for the unforseen, that causes products and businesses to fail.

Tips for success in business

Success in Business: Critical success factors for business

Success in BusinessTo be successful in business is more than ordering a sales person to "go out and sell".

You must have planned life cycle management, scientific product portfolio management, controlled brand management, and disciplined marketing management from segmentation, to pricing, to channel management.

Additionally, the 5th "p" of Marketing - People - must be managed. Often quoted as an 'intangible asset". Jack Welch said, "He who has the best team wins". Intuitively, and through experience, this reflects academic findings that qualities of leadership & vision, innovation, employee commitment & effort, customer orientation and reward & recognition are the KEY variables that separate struggling business from prosperous ones.

To be successful in business requires a disciplined approach to Business Planning

Setting marketing activity directly effects the success of your business: Just too important to be left to inexperienced or under-qualified managers. Expert corporate and marketing planning, particularly in product launch, is one of the most important success factors of a business.

The experience of someone who has done it before, MANY times, is often the fast track to business success.

Implementing solid Corporate Strategy, led by proper Marketing Planning, is the closest thing to a guaranteed promise of business success.

Hand in hand with successful marketing outcomes is scientific marketing planning... the very reason that major corporations can confidently perform so many successful launches, is that they are disciplined and expert at writing concise and exact marketing plans: critical success factors for business.

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Success in business followed when these businesses used our qualified advisors

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How some client companies found success in business:

Key Improvement Areas in Pursuit of Guaranteed Business Success

How Mission and Vision effect Strategy

You HAVE to engage and align your people. If you don't, personal agendas, internal rivalry and destructive politics is inevitable.

When analysing a CHC (complimentary health care) business recently we exposed a sales plateau due to a constraining Corporate Vision. Introducing a new Vision and Mission opened doors to strategic planning for 100% growth in the following two years.

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Adopt Business Success Methods

“Perfect Information leads to perfect decisions” makes for a successful business

Launch Engineering’s consultants know the value of better market research, better analysis, and better understanding of buyer behaviour. Launch Engineering marketing information management regularly helps clients make winning decisions:

Execution & interpretation of market research saves wasting marketing resources, and development of implementable and commercially plausible marketing strategies generates optimal profits and wins attractive clients, higher loyalty and consistent market share.

Knowledge is power. Launch Engineering can create sustainable competitive advantage from:

You'll find there's something special about Launch Engineering... some call it "street smart". You'll observe a focused responsibility for real, measurable results and delivery of significant outcomes.

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