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Interim Marketing Manager or Marketing Director on TapNeed a senior, competent, experienced marketing Director, with proven ability, as an interim marketing manager to help grow your business, take the reigns competently for a short time, or step into an emergency role smoothly?

See what a quality Interim CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) can do!

Occasionally, business opportunities demand experience & skills in marketing management projects from a 'street-wise' expert to an outstanding technical expert, who has ‘done it before’, to protect a crucial project, new commercial venture or when venturing into product or business diversification.

The benefits of a seasoned Interim Marketing Director

An Interim Marketing Director is commercially experienced with the knowledge to guide you to the best business model for your new product launch, corporate governance policy development or strategic 5-year marketing plan.

Interim Marketing Manager or Marketing Director on Tap

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An Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or Marketing Director who can 'hit the ground running'

The inherent risk in any new venture means recruitment could be costly or risky. If your business cannot bear a full time, or adequately senior, qualified executive an interim Marketing Manager or Interim Marketing Director is a perfect solution.

Here’s why businesses choose an interim CMO, Marketing Director or Marketing Manager from Launch Engineering:

  • Management may want to test and prove the viability of a venture before appointing a permanent senior role.
  • History of operational marketing people - marketing managers from within their industry - with an absence of strategic marketing knowledge - benchmarks and skills from the world's most successful companies in other industries.
  • The company wants to explore extraordinary marketing activities beyond the capability of existing marketing personnel (e.g. TV when it normally doesn't do TV)
  • The company wants to overhaul its marketing approach and adopt a significant improvement in marketing processes
  • Existing personnel is taking leave of absence, sick leave, maternity leave or another short break
Interim Marketing Manager or Marketing Director on Tap

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You need the skills of a seasoned interim marketing manager, commercially experienced to guide you in the best business practices for your new product launch, corporate governance policy development or drafting and initiation of a strategic 5-year marketing plan.

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Interim Marketing Manager or Marketing Director on TapYour Interim consultant works collaboratively with your team, bridging the gaps and filling the holes, without competing with them or undermining their value, skills and worth. The mentorship and interpersonal skills simply make it an enjoyable and motivating experience, and the legacy of improved efficiency can echo across your organisation for years after.

Emergency Substitute or Relief Senior Interim Executives

Need a reliable interim CEO, CMO or COO fast? One who will make decisions that keep the company firing, with making any that could endanger the business?

You'll need a worldly, street-wise experienced and trained executive with decades of experience in a broad cross section of businesses so they can confidently lend their extraordinary knowledge and skills to your rescue.

Interim Marketing Management Testimonials

“Leigh Cowan achieved more for Denes than any other marketing executive in over 40 years of operation!” Eric Sawyer, Chairman, Denes Natural Pet Care.

“This is the first time we have used a marketing consultant, which I am pleased to say, has exceeded our expectations.” WM Ferguson, Marketing Manager, Marion Merrell Dow.

“Thank you for the excellent job … the brief was fairly broad and time constraints were tight. I believe the implementation of your recommended strategies will more than repay our initial investment.” Michael Sheedy, National Marketing Manager, Ajax Chemicals.

The Benefits of an Interim Marketing Director or Interim CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Perform or Perish: An Interim Marketing Director has to hit the ground running, providing marketing accountability, concise sales forecasts, sensible financial modelling, inspiring strategy planning FAST... translating corporate objectives into action plans that will make sales objectives a reality.

Immediate substitution of a key a Marketing Executive at a pivotal moment: Forget six months to find a replacement.. with no immediate cover: Enjoy an competent, if not over-qualified, expert: A leader who can generate thrilling results quickly.

Temporary Resourcing Gap: Mentor & train a junior recruit into the role. Maintains a strategic view, but with a "roll the sleeves up" approach.

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