How to Launch - the Safe & Smart Approach to Launch

Launch a brand or new product using the proven rules & methods revealed by 100’s of studies & decades of University research.

Methods how to launch a new product, brand or service have been studied and evaluated over years of academic analysis and research.

How you launch a brand or product depends of dozens of different factorsA launch, or commercial market entry, is subject to some factors that are beyond an organisation's control, as well as those within its control. However, those factors can determine how to launch so that you secure profitable growth & sustainable competitive advantage.

Processes for indentifying and responding to these factors are the disciplines which strategic marketing and planning skills are tested. The adroit strategic planner indentifies the relevant and pertinent factors, and develops tactics based on management's strategic focus, so that the goals of the organisation are met, or surpassed.

Have You Got The Right Launch Team?

You need balance between operational skills and strategic skillsMost marketing teams are strong operationally, competently handing routine and repeat duties & responsibilities better than any outside 'expert' could hope to.

But a launch marketing team requires a diverse set of talent & skills: Often, a broader understanding of Pricing, Distribution, Product Knowledge, process management, relationship management, buyer behaviour are more important than routine Marketing Communications, advertising and promotional management... particularly if innovation, new markets or diversification is involved.

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Learn The Key Factors of Market-Entry Launch

Launch with the insight of a Pre-launch Risk Assessment:

  • Run your variables through our proprietary, in-house, 120-point computer analysis, and validate the relevant variables of your product launch.
  • You’ll get a point score on the probable outcome of your planned product launch.
  • What is CRITICAL about this UNIQUE ASSESSMENT is that you can fix mistakes BEFORE you make them!
  • It just happens to be a bonus that it can be done in a week and doesn't cost too much!

How to launch: Market Entry


Your Marketing Plan is the Key

A good marketing plan is like a treasure map... all you have to do is follow the instructions and you'll end up with the treasure!

Get an Objective Critique of Your Marketing Launch Plans

Your launch plan should be built around your unique situations - competitors, industry, environment, your 'special' capabilities, people and processes: If you've got a solid Marketing Plan you're on a joy ride, if not.. it will be a trip to hell. Ask us to assess and evaluate your Marketing Plan and you'' get objective, scrutiny that could give you the peace of mind you need to support it fully, or save you from a huge mistake..

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