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Customer Value Management Helps You Be More Profitable

Customer Profitability (CP) is the value to an organisation of its customer. Measuring Customer Profitability, and using these measures properly, is called Customer Value Management (CVM).Customer Value Management will develop appropriate customer relationship models to manage customers profitably

CVM Framework - A simple and structured way to better understand the market and your customers

CVM can initiate profit leaps of over 20%!

Proven in banks around the world CVM (Customer Value Management) reliably provides the information to achieve genuine leaps in profit of over 20%!

CVM is a VERY cost-effective and efficient way of boosting profits. For example, in the FYE 2011, SingTel boasted a 0.8% increase in profits utilising Six-Sigma, undertaken by expensive global marketing consultants. In contrast, during the same period, a leading Asian Bank grew its profits by 22.0% commissioning CVM with a frugal budget, for one single Launch Engineering consultant.

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Analyse Customers Profit Contribution

How does Customer Value Analysis ensure maximum profit & more profitable business?

Customer Value is an estimation of value that each customer contributes towards the gross profit of a business. By identifying Customer Value, you can ensure the customers that contribute the greatest profit to your business are the customers you are investing the greatest effort into culturing.

The payback is that you understand your sources of profit and discover where and how much you lose on Unprofitable customers. Once you understand which customers truly return you the most profits you can tune your marketing mix to better attract them. By identifying customers who absorb cost you money to do business with, you can modify your product portfolio to convert them into profitable business. You're plugging the 'holes in the bucket', while filling it faster!

How is Customer Value Calculated?

Customer Value is calculated by calculating the net margin from a customer’s activities and then totalling the value so a value metric is calculated for each customer.

NB: This can include the net margins of business with competitors, or even substitutes, to discover unrealised, potentially VERY valuable customers that might otherwise go undiscovered!!!

How do we Use Customer Value: What is Customer Value Management?

We use individual customer value and can rank and segment customers from those that are VERY valuable to those that are of LITTLE Value. We then develop cost effective product/service solutions to satisfy these segments.

Customer Value Management Delivers Growth in Profits

Customer Profitability (CP) is the value to an organisation of its customer. Measuring Customer Profitability, and using these measures properly, is called Customer Value Management (CVM).

Perhaps Customer Value Management should really be called 'customer worth identification' or 'customer worth analysis' as it helps management identify where real business profits are derived.

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Discovering True & Potential Customer Value and Turning it into Profit

The value vs. volume dichotomy is the biggest dilemma facing many high volume customer enterprises… how to still serve the needs of the many whilst maximising the value from the few...

In the CVM study where we found a client had 97% of its profits coming from just 0.7% of its customers, a massive 73.3% of its customers were only contributing 3.3% of its profits!

Dealing with this includes product development mindful of CVM and innovation to better meet the needs of the enterprise as well as those of different customers.

How to get started with Customer Value Management?

If you are keen to use CVM to improve profits by 10%, 15%, 20% or just drive practical and meaningful business initiatives and outcomes in a range of areas, for acquisition of new customers, efficient customer management, expansion of existing customers and retention of valued customers...

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