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Marketing a new product? Imagine the results if you combine hard work, a good product & the world's combined knowledge about launching new products

Product launch marketing strategies that work

Launching New Products

Use a product launch plan to launch a new productWithout Expertise in Product Launch Marketing a product launch can miss the mark, or worse...

But a Product Launch Plan using launch marketing techniques and methods of the world's most successful product launch companies, can maximise the odds in your favour!

How do you market a product?

Even extraordinary business people cannot be experts at everything. While they might have run huge or successful businesses, they may not have a history of single-handedly implementing a successful product launch. Alternatively, the more heterogeneous the product launch from past experience, the more important it is to use technical product launch marketing methods, rather than tactics that have 'worked before".

Using product launch marketing processes, successful product launch experience, and academic know-how in launching a new product; and applying the variables that academics have discovered effect the outcome of a product launch, is simply prudent business, Just utilise these methods and they will work!

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Product Launch Marketing is More Complex Than It Appears

Do Big Companies Always get their Product Launch Marketing Right?

Use a product launch plan to launch a new productLarge companies launch products with disciplines and controls in place, forecasting their product launch marketing will generate a certain range of outcomes - subject to factors beyond their control... and have ways to make sure even disaster doesn't impact too seriously on the bottom line. The AVERAGE is only 10% better than SME's. However, SOME big companies almost always get it right, while OTHER big companies can make huge blunders. Why? Because those that almost-always get it perfect use advanced marketing science, the one's that think 'marketing' is fluff, smoke and mirrors suffer the same fate as start ups.

EVERY BUSINESS should embrace stringent product launch marketing preparation - if they did, the rate of product launch failure would be significantly less.

Product launch marketing, research, analysis, and strategy development is founded in marketing planning & execution.

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The 8 P's of Marketing

The 8P's of Marketing is only one part of good product launch marketing - ask us about the rest!Product Launch Marketing

Product Launch Marketing Varies Greatly - Between B2C & B2B, between product categories, between industries, and between competitors - even between divisions!

Positioning, messaging, copy writing, advertising, selling, choice of sales materials & promotional activity or on-line, ALL rely on good product launch marketing strategy: Product launch marketing strategy effects everything from brand name to website.

These factors and more have been studied, researched, analysed and evaluated over the past 100 years in the academic halls of Business Schools of Marketing, in league with large global marketing companies from around the world.

The knowledge is available  and available to you through a trained Product Launch Marketing specialist. You can utilise collaborative and complementary advice if you are an expert marketer, you CAN learn the knowledge yourself while your observe a professional at work. Regardless, it is simply prudent and diligent to seek the advice of a "Launch Engineer" when you are developing your product launch marketing.

Product Launch Marketing is a Science, a 'numbers game' and a discipline

product launch failure rates

Source: Winning at New Products, Source: Stevens, G.A. and Burley, J., “3,000 Raw Ideas = 1 Commercial Success!”,(May/June 1997) Research Technology Management, Vol. 40, #3, pp. 9-27.

Using art AND science, Launch Engineering manages ALL the components of your marketing and management mix to 'make it happen".

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