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Developing Product Management strategies

What is "Product Management"? The Definition of Product Management.

Product management is a highly disciplined and scientific process of managing the marketing mix in order to satisfy organisational objectives AND satisfy the target audience.

Product Management is the utilisation of business skills to maximise the optimal satisfaction of prime target audience prospects with the offerings made from the product portfolio under the administration of that executive.

While roles, levels of authority, responsibility and autonomy vary, the traditional Product Manager manages a group of similar products of product categories, along with a number of other product managers within a medium or larger sized company. All answer to a Marketing Manager, sometimes assisted by a Group Product Manager, both who should have significant operational experience and marketing experience.

Methods including analysis of the 'product', segment strategy, communications management, are demanding skills, requiring specific training.

What functions does a Product Manager perform?

A Product Manager manages all the 8 "P's" of the marketing mix. A Product Manager uses ALL the connections between, and in, the firm, and the market, across the whole Nexus of Marketing, managing these dynamics to optimise results in line with corporate goals and objectives.

Product Managers lacking significant experience in at Product Launch, can often do with some external help, particularly when trying to manage the existing product portfolio under their control.

In this way they are mentored by a product development and management specialist, who delivers skill improvement and training while assisting along the way.

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The value and depth of impact that an expert marketing consultant can make in the role of an interim product manager is NOT to be underestimated. Hidden routines and processes, accepted practices and activities that corrode your Net Marketing Contribution can be revealed and removed. At the very least you'll get seamless and proficient Product Management.

A short interim contract can inject long-term profits into your business  with contributions to management from treatment of variables such as product differentiation, price, product breadth, new product development, product portfolio management, service quality, brand imagery,  and other variables that contribute to the strength of overall product position... Contact us now to find out how valuable our Product Management Core Strategies can be.

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