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Branding: Definition of a Brand

A 'Brand" is a recognisable symbol and/or name that indicates or communicates a conditioned expectation of predetermined characteristics in the mind of an individual.What is Brand Equity?

What is Brand Equity?

Brand equity is defined as "the value a brand adds to a product"... what it means is "how strongly you can justify a premium price for an easily substituted price".

Your business, corporate and consumer brands need planning, monitoring and implementing tailored strategies to build brand value so you profit from, and protect, a sustainable competitive advantage.

What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand Loyalty is the quality that gives brands their value. Brand Loyalty comes from the buyers' trust in a brand - the true brand strength is trust, because trust means growth potential.

Brand Management is much than just faithful replication of an image - Brand Management is caring for your greatest asset: Brand equity!

Read on for decisions to make before you brief a design agency...

The Power of Brand Equity

Strong Brand Equity is a source of sustainable competitive advantage to the company's products and services portfolio. Strong Brand Equity ensures a strategic marketing advantage and represents a long-term investment with high ROI and huge benefits for the company. Corporate Brand Equity is the recognised corporate identity that communicates your company ideas, values, beliefs and offering.

Brand Equity vs. Brand Experience vs. Brand Integrity vs. Brand Valence (Attractiveness)

Brand Equity is sometimes misunderstood, and redefined as something else. Don't be confused... your brand equity has a real, inherent value is the most valuable asset in your organisation. (In 2015, the Apple brand was valued to be worth US$145B!)

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Brand positioning and branding strategies

Brand proposition can make the difference between success and failure. Building brands is 90% science, 10% art.

To build long term brand legitimacy, you need to:

Brand Strategy Tips
  • If you rely on market research for your decision making, make sure it is market research you CAN rely on.
  • The LAST thing on your list should be to brief a design agency or graphic artist for the logo.
  • Logo change should only EVER occur if it will measurably improve brand equity.
  • Beware of over-extending a brand.

Scientific Strategic Branding (using university proven methods in Brand Portfolio Strategy, Brand Value Management, Branding Strategy, brand extension, brand image, brand life, brand identity, corporate branding, sensory branding, neuro-marketing) is ideal for major companies, market share leaders and older, established large national & international organisations.

Strategic brand portfolio management

Too few organisations take a refined approach to branding & brand management. By appointing a leading edge brand strategist, to refine and sophisticate your strategic branding decisions, you can ensure optimal sales results, market share dominance, and profitability... Ask for more information, call 02 98011 4355 now.

Branding is Not Logo Design or Imagery - It is MUCH More...

Branding is NOT the domain of a design agency. To increase profits and ROI along the brand existence chain businesses need to build strategic foundations for brand creation, naming, brand propositions and brand experiences across all customer touch points.

You should always seek the right advice to help you brief a design agency, so they can do something fantastic for you, but the strategy behind your brand calls for different expertise.

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