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Better Business Development to improve marketing mix & profitability using globally proven & potent business development practices

Business Development - Improve Marketing Mix & Profitability

Marketing Led Business Development Consulting

Marketing Mix Ideas to Increase Sales & for Business DevelopmentInterested in Business Development? Looking for new ideas in business? Want to turn business ideas into marketing opportunities? Looking for Marketing Mix Ideas to Increase Sales?

Ideally, a business simply has to apply experience and industry know-how and it will discover and refine the best possible business development tactics.

In reality, environments change, Competitors change. Markets change. Industries change... so the very nature, unique characteristics and hidden opportunities change with them.

As a consequence, overwhelming sales performance improvement can be achieved through consulting, training, coaching and reorganisation that converts more sales enquiries, generates higher sales values, more referrals and more repeat business.

Our business development consultants look for opportunities to dramatically sophisticate your sales and marketing They relieve pressure by allowing you to confidently delegate sales improvement, marketing and business development, so you can focus on other activities.

What is Business Development?

Business Development is any activity that positively effects short or long term opportunities for an organisation... Sales certainly, but also relationship building, image improvement, reputation gains, reach, impact and any other impression that can be considered effective in increasing sales or sales impact in a positive way.

Business Development and Marketing Management are so interwoven that each could simply be considered a descriptive term of the other. (If you disagree , you'd better visit "the Definition of Marketing".)

Tap Into Corporate Strategic Marketing and Business Development methods

Do you want to strengthen your sales results, improve your current team's performance, add more marketing knowledge to your management team's skills set, planning input or evaluation of marketing services?

Better business: Use real marketing to develop business

Expert advice pays!Turn business development ideas in business into real marketing opportunities

Great operational management is only the beginning for businesses on their 'way up'. Working 'in the business' interferes with working 'on the business'. Launch Engineering uses the disciplined business skills of 100 years of refined corporate management methods and delivers them to growing business that need to move sales from $20M to $200M p.a. or profits from bigger organisations from 10% to 25%!

These methods help:

If you want to adopt, and apply, proven, advanced, "white-hat" business development methods THAT WORK, or inspire your team, find motivation or stimulate their sales enthusiasm, click this button to email, dial 02 8011 4355 to call, or fill out the webmail form, below.

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Business Development to Create Huge Profits

Marketing Advice from qualified, knowledgeable, experienced marketing consultants can often slingshot your business into a whole new galaxy of possibility. Post marketing audit, it is not unusual for a business to expand by 20% to 50% if recommendation are embraced. (Ask us for examples.)

The science of marketing has set about recognising quantifiable results and working out how to get them

This means there are right ways, but also lots of wrong ways to:

Improve Sales & Selling Productivity

Develop Improve Sales & sellingMaximise return from sales staff, see: Stimulate sales/Motivate sales teams

Use advanced marketing methods

Business development services, Confidently reduce business risk, see: Sustainable competitive advantage

Marketing training & mentorship

consultancy and business development30+ years of knowledge to share, see: Benefit from our successes & mistakes

Invest in, milk or dump a brand?

Brand development services Law of Diminishing Brand Loyalty, see: Scientifically choose the RIGHT time

Carefully check a Product Launch

business growth, sales effectiveness, sales transformationNew products - the future of any business, see: Improve Pricing, Perception & Positioning

Know Competition Positioning & Predict Competitor Strategy

business growth,sales effectiveness, sales growthIndustry & Competition Analysis, see: Competitive Intelligence so profound its like a bug in your competitors' boardrooms

Discover True & Potential Customer Value to Turn Better Profits

Turning Customers into ProfitsFind the customers that generate between 150 and 300% of your profits, see: Turn the information you have into knowledge you can use

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