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positive change and profitable growthIt is said a consultant is someone who borrows your watch, and then tells you the time. Phooey! Not a Launch Engineering Strategic Marketing Consultant!

When you appoint qualified, as well as experienced consultants, risk is avoided and you know you'll get real, tangible value and rewarding payback.

Launch Engineering clients experience positive change and profitable growth. Here are just a few insights on using Launch Engineering:

See what just some executives say about Launch Engineering Management and Marketing consulting and advice:

"Leigh was instrumental in building our awareness and understanding around the importance and ownership of building our own product. We now have the energy and knowledge to build something really useful for leaders and businesses. Also, he helped us understand how we could potentially grow and develop our presence on the internet, in line with our business strategy." - Michael Hall, CEO, WildWorks Pty Ltd

"Our consultant, Leigh Cowan, hit the ground running with insightful and creative strategic and marketing advice from day one. He helped us get national distribution through pharmacy wholesalers, created interest in Coles and Woolworths, and made a major contribution to our business plan. Launch Engineering also guided us into better media buying and a great value TV advertisement." - Dr. Craig Erskine-Smith, CEO, Erskine Dental – makers of Piksters™.

"Leigh Cowan and Mike Crisp of Launch Engineering have impressed me with their ability to quickly understand the complexities of my business and the market we work in. I recommend them in the areas of strategic business planning and market research and commend them for their skills in facilitating paradigm shifts in corporate thinking." - Alastair Smith, Managing Director, Strata Associates.

"Thanks very much indeed for your sharp and poignant marketing analysis. Everything has been taken on board and we've already moved onto comparing other business opportunities with more readily available market share, cash flow and growth. Your marketing advice really is quite priceless and decision provoking, especially for us as a family run team with limited capital. Thanks so much Leigh for the highly-effective way that you cut-to-the-chase for us." - Sean Keith, Director, Keith's Kitchens Pty Ltd

"As a start-up, we needed to minimise outgoings, but more importantly, secure maximum commitment and best possible skills to ensure Slice would become a success. We exchanged equity for fees with Launch Engineering, and the outcome has been a complete success." - Steve Moore, Director, Slice Wireless Pty Limited

"We were not sure what was causing the problem. I got Launch Engineering to sit with me a few times and work through the issues. Now Parker’s Organic Juices is a recognisable brand, and business is booming" - Alicia Parker, CEO, Parker’s Organic Juices

"Michael has that rare ability to see changes in any market, understand the impact it will have, work out a plan that optimises your desired position and put together a plan that will make it happen." - William Gill, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, ECOnomics Group

"Michael Stovin-Bradford is a highly respected leader in Promotion Marketing and has a proven record of providing sound strategic advice and implementing plans to build businesses. I’ve worked with Michael on a range of projects and seen the impact he has brought to various brands/businesses in providing communication solutions to improve their Marketing ROI." - Simon de Crespigny, Director, Incentivate

"This is the first time we have used a marketing consultant, which I am pleased to say, has exceeded our expectations." - WM Ferguson, Marketing Manager, Marion Merrell Dow

"We increased our sales of regular product lines by 50%… testimony of ability to assess the market and then select and implement appropriate sales strategies." - J.D. Stott, Director Vehicle Registration, NSW Government

Possessing broad and diverse management training and qualifications, Launch Engineering consultants deliver superior advice and input to meet or surpass your expectations.

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Marketing & Management Consulting Case Studies

FMCG Segmentation Market Research that increased sales 33%+

Launch Engineering's Strategy Development team undertook a Segmentation Study industry for a Dairy Foods national advertiser. Findings revolutionised their media, advertising & public relations focus and contributed to production planning & product development after identifying attractive market segments.

Product Development – Pre-launch concept development

Launch Engineering worked in a significant NPD role in FMCG, the outcome was a significant core product innovation in 'nutriceutical' foods that secured solid distribution in multiple channels including supermarkets. Services included writing a Marketing Plan & preparing a Category Review

Marketing Communications & Promotions Management

Launch was retained by a national health-industry services provider to re-develop its whole promotional mix, in line with changes that have occurred in the market place over its seven years of exponential success.

Pre-launch Evaluation & Risk Assessment

A Telco start-up commissioned Launch Engineering to write a pre-launch market assessment document that became an invaluable tool to assisting them present to Venture Capitalist investors.

Equity for Fees Involvement

Invited to contribute in an open-ended project involving Operational Development, our team commenced the pre-launch development of a wireless technology publishing company that secured Venture Capital investment that launched the business.

Customer Value Mananagement

Launch Engineering undertook internal information data mining and analysis for a major Asian Bank and developed strategy that ultimately led to 22% increase in profits without increasing transactions.

Marketing Consulting & Realignment

Launch Engineering was approached by a struggling health foods brand, in the juices category, to assist save the brand and its company. After participation in management marketing decisions for promotion, pricing, distribution, and product development (packaging), the combined result was a five-fold increase in sales in six months.

$250K to over $10M in five years

LE helped our client undertake innovative New Product & Market Development; changing distribution & promotion, developing planning and assisting the CEO with cash flow... After preparing the trade presentation for Category Review and developing a trade marketing sales team, the client won national distribution. Managing market research, and working with production, LE mentored in fine-tuning the commercialisation, from bar coding, trade units decisions and formula, through to advertising agency appointment and brief.

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