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Optimise the satisfaction derived when any human interacts with the technology offered by your organisation

Better User Experience Delivers More Profit

User experience optimizes sales by increasing conversion

Senior UX Researcher to drive research strategy and tactical implementation for key experience areas, utilizing research techniques to drive changes in your online presentation or product.

In addition to working closely with leaders in Customer Experience and Behavioural Science, our User Experience people interact with your product managers, designers and engineers to understand and streamline known and unknown UX factors, diving deep into the issues and presenting customer insights that drive user elation.

Your Users' Experience investment means you meet the needs of customers, helping them feel more comfortable and confident in their purchasing decisions.

With experience applying a variety of UX research methods in a fast-paced and rapidly changing online universe, our specialists are competent diving deep into complex dynamics, offering valuable suggestions to help shape the direction of your products, services and/or interface design, and will regularly step back to ask big questions that impact the overall customer experience.

Enjoy their positive approach with the ability to collaborate with talk to designers, engineers, stakeholders and executives with varying technical acumen: Your consultants will demonstrate relentless determination to do what is right for your customers, identifying and prioritizing key issues based upon product designs, business needs, project goals and risks.

Employ the best User Experience research method(s) to match your budget, goals, timelines and positioning.

All User Experience Reports are delivered in clear, concise, intuitive, perceptive and discerning ways to all levels of management.

With years of hands-on experience conducting UX research we apply psychology, cognitive science, human computer interaction and logical discipline, as well as an eye for design.

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We can even assist you to establish and maintain partnerships with educational and professional organizations, and provide an array of powerful and potent research analytical tools and services.

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Implementable UX or UE Management - What we do

  1. Meet with internal and external clients to identify usability research questions, design and conduct studies, and communicate results to interdisciplinary project teams.
  2. Conduct user analysis which will drive the design process using techniques such as ethnography, interviews, and surveys.
  3. Conduct rapid iterative usability testing to improve product designs early in the design cycle.
  4. Perform post-development usability testing to determine whether finished products have met business and usability objectives and inform designs of future releases.  Translate research findings into design recommendations.
  5. Brainstorm with project teams to understand business and technical constraints.
  6. Utilize statistical analysis packages (SAS, SPSS, etc.) to perform analyses when relevant or as required .
  7. Develop innovative strategies to answer usability research questions within your budget & resources.
  8. Testing of mobile websites and apps.
  9. Report, discuss, brainstorm, strategise, integrate, implement.

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