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Creat Blue Ocean strategiesSlow sales? Monthly losses eating up retained profits? Growing so lean you have to offer your business for sale? Operational management at a loss to successfully improve business? Business units, corporate divisions and new ventures struggling?

A strategic turnaround recovery plan, a culture shock, massive change... or simply a small course alteration, could be what you need.

8 Mandatory Actions to Turn Around a Failing Business

  1. Accept you must do things differently
  2. Stop & plan: Work on the business, not in it
  3. Listen to your customer service & sales people
  4. Re-evaluate the capabilities of your advisors
  5. Listen to customers
  6. Study your closest competitors
  7. Milk every asset, call in every favour
  8. Move out of your comfort zone

Discover Key, Hidden, Business Problems: It may not be your fault!

Uncover the key business problem and/or discover the real reasons why business is bad.

Assess your business by applying methods, experience and knowledge of other companies in Australia and around the world. Maximise results by avoiding mistakes and using proven techniques for solving strategic marketing problems and developing successful strategies.

Launch Engineering looks for ways to "sky-rocket" performance improvement, we even base fees on performance ! At the very least, you’ll get an exert, qualified, objective opinion on whether the BU or division is a rising star, a problem child or a dog.

A Deficiency Analysis will reveal the true reasons why you business unit isn't 'firing' and will deliver the turnaround strategy & processes necessary to fix it.

Ways to Fix a Broken Business 

Business Failure Diagnosis and performance management improvementIn the wake of a landslide of top American corporations such as Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Kmart, Polaroid, Arthur Andersen, AT&T, Xerox, and Qwest falling into disarray, research was conducted into why sophisticated and capable companies with huge talent pools, assets and infrastructure had gone so bad.

CEOs blamed bad economy, market turbulence, weak exchange rates, natural disasters, competitive foul-play and other variables they claimed were out of their control.

However, closer scrutiny of corporate failure found one common factor: Management failure.

Reasons why business failed included:

  1. Corporate Arrogance: Less optimal decision making due to over-confidence after prolonged periods of success.
  2. Lack of Objectivity: Companies avoiding difficult questions, denying need for change and refusing to alter a bad business model.
  3. Politics before frank and open candour: Cultures where subordinates feared telling C-level bosses hard truths.
  4. Risky Decision Making: Bad decisions on both  "Execution risk" and "Liquidity risk".
  5. Undisciplined merger & acquisition program: Described as lust for growth, accumulating assets for the sake of accumulating assets.
  6. Profit gouging and focus on ROE at the cost of human resources: Cost cutting wages to boost annual figures
  7. Lack of planning: Reaction rather than action: Tactics rather than strategy.
  8. Absence of Alignment. No engagement, focus or collaborative agreement to empower front-line employees to make the right decisions.
  9. Downward Spiral. Desperation breeding desperation with cost-led management rather than market-led business development.
  10. Incompetence at Board level. Corporate boards appointed for political rather than performance based reasons.

Summarily, the research determined, many failed companies would have continued to prosper with more enlightened management with companies levelled as a result of "an incremental descent into poor judgment."

A "sales-not-marketing" oriented culture, mind-numbing complexity, and unrealistic performance goals all mixed until the violation of standards became the standard.

From retail to FMCG, professional services to industrial commodities, Launch Engineering will almost certainly determine the missing links to join you to sales, profits growth, and performance that may never even have previously been thought possible.

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