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Marketing techniques to increase salesLaunch Engineering is a specialist marketing consultancy that helps launch new products successfully, writes implementable marketing plans, and gives educated, expert advice in corporate governance, marketing management, branding and strategy. Our market research is world-class.

Far more than displaced ex-executives with operational experience (although we have that too) Launch Engineering consultants have proven themselves with exceptional product launches. By 'tapping in" to the proven business management 'rules' identified by academic study, from business schools around the world, gives you the advantage of capitalising on other business' successes (and failures).

Your business will prosper with us. You'll create better business and marketing plans, get far better results from your marketing budgets, apply the successful marketing tools of other industries and improve marketing accountability.

From market research, marketing strategy, marketing planning, brand management, new product development advice to IPO, change management, internal marketing and corporate image, you will be more than elated at how much Launch Engineering can help you touch the sky and catapult your sales in to a whole new galaxy.

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Best possible product launch salesJust some of the advanced marketing science, only available through Launch Engineering, is our 120-point key factor assessment of your product launch marketing plan. This proprietary product launch analysis has been built upon University studies, and researched marketing findings over 30 years!

It uses values attributed to certain variables, to determine the likely success of your product launch. and works universally in all industries and in both B2C and B2B applications, based upon 'classification of goods' characteristics, innovation theory, applying Porter's Five Forces, PESTLE, ERROR, SWOT, competitor analysis as well as our own probability calculations.

Scores of over 89 have never failed, scores of under 59 have never succeeded.[more...]

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Implementable marketing plans

Millions of dollars have been wasted in marketing plans that look impressive, read well, but sit on shelves and never get implemented. Has that happened to you??  A Launch Engineering plan is a manual that states what you are going to achieve, and how you are going to do it. It is like a instruction book that lays out the steps required to make the profits you desire come to fruition... [more...]

Negative brand equity and brand decay analysis & assessment - When do you dump your brand name?

Cowan's Law of Brand Decay: The inevitability of negative brand equity states... "If customer expectations exceed the organisation's ability to deliver, then the brand must decline to where no commercially viable amount of marketing effort can reverse its decay:... [more...]

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