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How Data Mining Consultants Help

Data Mining for Marketing and Business Intelligence by better analysing Market ResearchData-Mining Consultants are information analysts and market researchers whose project management and analytical skills, trained intellectual curiosity and experience in developing synergy from all sources of information, who work collaboratively with your teams, to discover insight sand knowledge for better business decision-making.

An Example of How Data Mining Creates Profits

In 2010 a market research client, in the banking sector, wanted confirmation that their bank was genuinely experiencing the Pareto Effect (an observation that in many businesses, that 80% of profits come from just 20% of customers).

By data mining all transactions, products, accounts, etc we identified that 0.7% of customers were contributing 97% of the bank's profits!

This helped them improve marketing effort, develop 'better' products, change promotional spend to increase MROI and NMC, all causing a 22% increase in annual profits without increasing transactions or numbers of customers.

The Benefits of Data Mining

According to a major study in 2010 by IBM most organisations perceive themselves as data rich but insight poor.

The bigger the company, the more research it buys and the less likely it is to mine that research, and correlate findings, to create synergy and extraordinary market insight.

Better segmentation creates better marketing returns. Let us help you like we’ve helped other businesses GROW PROFITS BY OVER 20% with strategy honed from data you have already collected and research you’ve already paid for, letting us data mine and analyse your existing information with our own special form of data mining.

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Data Mining detects emerging opportunities and transforms available data into feasible action plans.

For the last decade our data mining experts have developed proprietary market research methods for market segmentation based upon behaviour. This customer market segmentation method, which we call Customer Value Management, exposes profit opportunities, reveals anti-attrition opportunities, identifies powerful customer acquisition opportunities, and uncovers untapped, attractive segments.

Market oriented data mining, and market segmentation disciplines together make Customer Value Management, one of the most sought-after services for our clients.

Data Mining generates a complete view of CUSTOMER behaviour to identify the top 10-20% of customers that contribute 65-90% of your profit.

Data Mining Customers at the Individual Level can be used to calibrate other customer research studies.

Data Mining your Internal data puts marketing and customer investments in perspective and usually results in lower and more directed marketing budgets.

Data Mining provides a 'feet-on-the-ground', true market picture of existing customer behaviour and value. Data Mining focuses on what people do and not what they say. It is therefore much more accurate than traditional, survey-based market research.

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Data Mining feeds Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies

From Data Mining you will get a better understanding of customer information flows and customer behaviour at the individual level. The reliability of data mining means analysis and comparative re-analysis delivers an organisational learning environment with an ever increasing knowledge of customers.

Comparability with compatible operational CRM systems, Data Mining and superior internal data analysis delivers the customer intelligence required for effective CRM operational implementation.

Data Mining Key Benefits

Some deliverables from Data Mining

Deliverables and Outputs from Data Mining Analysis

But the single most significant benefit of data mining is that management is empowered with MUCH more relevant information for better decision making.
Directly from data mining, one client saved $14M in modified promotional spending after analysis by our consultants!

5 Advantages of Data Mining

Analysis of your EXISTING Data can sometimes give a better view of your customer segments than external market research.

Data Mining Experts - leading data mining research in major industries

Data Mining creates foundations for better strategyLaunch Engineering's data mining market research specialists have data mined huge databases for a plethora of companies... Banks, utilities, insurance companies B2B and consumer products companies... confidently satisfying the most stringent and meticulous IT controls and concerns.

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