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Online marketing and internet marketingJust like any other part of your marketing mix, Online marketing must fit and coordinate with all other marketing objectives, strategy & tactics.

Opportunists, Snake-Oil sales people, digital fanatics & self-proclaimed new experts have confused the Issues

Just think about the expression "Content Marketing" - its non-sense: Organisations don't market their content, they use content as a means of promotion.. which is a component of Marketing Communications, and one eighth (at best) of the discipline of "Marketing".

But one individual American group, at the right time and place, has lent global credibility to the term; with lots of noise, half-baked claims, and misleading half-truths. Now the problem is that silly generalisations made by this group are now given kudos for bad advice.

Remember, Online marketing is just another component of your promotional mix. It is a medium of communication, nothing more, and, while self-proclaimed 'marketing experts' (lacking formal Marketing qualifications) suggest the internet has changed marketing forever, the fact is that the REAL rules of marketing apply more powerfully than ever before..

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Online Marketing Advice, Web Strategies, Web Development Planning

The worst mistake organisations can make is the appoint web developers as Marketing Managers: Neither a Marketing professional nor a web development professional, have the same knowledge or skills, nor should they have homogenous responsibilities.

Ideally, your most senior Marketing Executive has a balanced experience set, formal training in marketing, including (but not limited to) Marketing Communications. Assuming so, the CEO should confirm corporate mission and vision, the Board of Management must then set the corporate objectives,then the Marketing teams must set the Marketing Strategy, and then OUT OF ALL THAT, evolves a set of tactics that are likely to including Online promotional activity. THEN and only THEN, is it time to write a creative brief to the Marketing Communications service provider (your Web Developer) to which a proven and reliable web developer must comply and fulfil.

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Social Media and "Content" - Simply Publicity and PR in the Digital World

Social Media generates the new word-of-mouth advertising so highly valued in the past... the trick is NOT to be intimidated by it, but to follow the proven rules that have been around for decades.

Should you Publish, Monitor, "Manage" or Make Social Media?

You might need a Blog, a Twitter account (or mire than one), Facebook and Linked In pages, Instagram or other social media representation... you might not. Why not talk to use and see what we think?The worst outcome will be an opinion from people who have contributed to global success in multiple industries for decades, balanced and worldly consultants who have no selfish agenda to pursue, just a keen eye for prudent business decisions. Call us now, email or webmail by filling out the form, below.

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