What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing and viral traffic tips. How to implement Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is the Geometric Spread of your Marketing Message across the InternetMarketing Mix Ideas to Increase Sales & for Business Development

Viral marketing induces Web users to pass on a marketing message. Viral marketing is a specific promotional strategy which relies on individuals to spread a message, call for a response, or induce an action or reaction.

Viral Marketing not actually "marketing" - it is a descriptive term to describe promotional tactics that rapidly spread a message with voluntary and discretionary involvement of any group, its members and group opinion leaders.

Properly managed, and a part of a larger, coordinated Marketing Plan, Viral Marketing can create explosive growth, extraordinary sales and profound brand equity.

But, it can be a dangerous tool: Badly managed, improperly planned, left unharnessed, it can inadvertently undermine brand equity, back-firing by overwhelming resources and capacity to meet demand, and creating a void that fills the coffers for your competitors while destroying you as the source.

Which is Why You Need Viral Marketing Consultants

You can dodge a bullet and come up a winner by consulting a Viral Marketing advisor who can:

  1. Appraise the likelihood of successfully generating viral opportunities
  2. Plan the rollout to optimise ROI (return on investment) without over-burdening your organisation
  3. Accurately forecast and contingency plan - so you avoid negative response, managing optimal outcomes
  4. Develop strategy that extends the life of your brand and business long after the wave of viral response has passed

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