How to Write a Marketing Plan That Works

How to write a comprehensive, professional marketing plan

Write the best marketing plan your boss has ever seen!

How to write a marketing plan that ensures Sustainable Competitive Advantage

How to write a Marketing PlanHow to write a marketing plan that will impress even the most demanding critic:

Here's exactly how to write a Marketing Plan

Identify the real issues, explore all the smart opportunities, identify the best strategies, and you'll map out a cohesive and integrated marketing action program.

REMEMBER: A Marketing Plan is NOT a report... it is a map of how to achieve EXACTLY what you set out to achieve!

Write marketing plans that help marketing management achieve marketing objectives by building G.R.A.I.S.E!

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Tools to Write a GREAT Marketing Plan

Keen to write your OWN Marketing Plan?

Combining the careers of our leading edge marketing planners, along with the skills that MBA academics are teaching in leading business schools around the world, a array of useful marketing planning tools have been compiled into a comprehensive marketing plan workbook. Collated into an Excel workbook, it works like a "how-to" or "do-it-yourself manual" to guide anyone in writing a relevant and appropriate marketing plan.

Far better than a marketing planning template, and worth thousands (due to its real, commercial value) you can grab it for a nominal cost. (See below.)

You might assume this to be yet another Marketing Planning template... UNTIL you use it! Then you’ll agree this is POWERFUL stuff!

One senior marketing executive with a leading Asian Telco, said, “This is so good, I’m introducing is as compulsory in our corporation as soon as I get back to the office!”

This Marketing Planning Workbook has been used by government, large national and international companies, and down to small FMCG manufacturers, banks, and even SME’s.

If you're relatively new to Marketing Planning, if you've been thrown in the deep-end and have to produce a professional marketing plan like you have done 1000 of them, then this is key to your success. This marketing plan workbook, in Excel format, with 32 key worksheets you need to draft a powerful and comprehensive marketing plan, identifies key issues in writing winning marketing plans, and helps increase the competence of any marketing planners' marketing planning for the rest of their careers.

So if you’re a marketing professional, of any description, grab this very useful marketing planning tool for the next marketing plan you write, and see just how good it really is in helping write a great marketing plan.

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How to Write a Better Marketing Plan

Things to ask yourself when pondering how to write a marketing plan include considering topics such as your total environment, your own capabilities, competition, change and the market. Once these are thoroughly understood, it is time to consider marketing communications, sales, internet, action plans and tactics & to set monitoring, feedback and control devices to ensure objectives ARE achieved.

Some Key Problems With Most Marketing Plans

Here are some of the common mistakes business executives make when completing business marketing plans :

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