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How to build management strategies that create sustainable competitive advantage, easy sales growth & profitable market share.

Strategies for customer, buyer, consumer, channel, trade partner & HR behaviour management

Strategies for management: What is strategy consulting?

Learn quickly from our management strategy consultantsStrategy consulting, or strategic management consulting, is the scientific contribution by trained experts in marketing led corporate planning & strategy.

Strategic Consultants understand 'big picture' issues that influence your business opportunities. They don't know YOUR industry like you do. They couldn't run your business without you. BUT... they strengthen, focus, harness and sharpen your operational management input so you can prosper, sometimes beyond your own belief.

Every LE consultant has more than 25 years’ experience successfully improving business performance and can share solutions to improve your business - targeting areas for improvement that will deliver the highest benefits.

Prosper with expert advice on business strategy and select consultation packages tailored to suit your individual needs, delivered by the hour, day, week, or project.

Strategic business advice and consultancy services in Sydney

Strategic advice that shows you the way around the maze of business issues Do you run a medium-sized to large business that is struggling with changing economics? Battling rising bills? Cash flow becoming a problem? Feeling out of control?

Strategic Consultants answer key questions...

Should you launch a new product? A new size or variety? A new brand? At what price? When? How?

Should you grow by marketing effort? Or would positioning strategy be more cost effective? How about M&A (merger and acquisition)? Where do you profits come from; and what eats them up?

Are you spending enough on advertising, or too much? On market research? On sales people? On R&D?

Could you advertising dollars return greater results? Is your media buying optimised? Should you spend more or less in trade push or consumer pull media? Is the online marketing rage hype or critically the future for your business?

strategic business consulting

Valid business advice is so much more than good ideas or common sense alone. There are skills that come from decades of academic study. There are 'street-smarts' that come from years of commercial experience. There are both lessons and scars from successes. There is the benefit of making mistakes along the way.

Wise Words on Strategy

"All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved."- Sun Tzu

Turn your business problems, threats and weaknesses into revenue-generating opportunities. Speak with a consultant and discover why leading corporations, with highly paid executives, still seek counsel from independent strategic marketing consultants to solve their marketing problems.

Strategic Consultants think laterally

Strategic Consultants stand objectively outside your frame of reference looking in, while operational people must, to be great at their jobs, be inside looking out.

Accompanied by proper strategic planning training and qualifications, Launch Engineering consultants deliver superior strategy to meet or surpass your expectations.

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Strategic Consulting

Management Strategies work by addressing critical issues specific to individual organisations, not copying, me-too or off-the-shelf strategies that worked for others.

Launch Engineering offers outstanding professionals - seasoned, properly qualified, dedicated to providing professional advice and solutions, based upon proven marketing science and peppered with true innovative know-how.

For genuine, trustworthy and reliable ways to improve your performance, enhance return on investment and enable more informed decision making within your business, you'll appreciate our no-nonsense ability to produce high quality results.

The key is understand your unique circumstances...YOUR business... YOUR history, employees, customers, segments, existing & potential market... YOUR competitors, industry, capabilities and other dynamics that effect your operations. CLICK HERE for an initial consultation to get started on solving your business marketing problems, call +612 8011 4355... or click this button to send an email,, or use the webmail form below...

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Pick the Thread of Strategic Management Advice that Best Fills Your Needs

Strategic Consulting Capabilities & Services

  • Helping management set the future direction of the organisation
  • Helping management determine its defendable, long term capabilities & adaptabilities
  • Developing the marketing and management information asset
  • Developing corporate branding strategies and product portfolio management
  • Building internal accountability, checks and measures
  • Writing and implementing mission and vision
  • Corporate, business unit and marketing planning
  • Internal data mining and external market research
  • Scientific marketing communications strategy
  • Precise and optimal pricing strategy
  • Accurate sales forecasting
  • Positive trade partner and channel management strategies
  • Powerful people process and positioning strategies

Strategic Consulting Services Outcomes

  • Growth in profits with a corresponding growth in transactions
  • Growth in sales without a corresponding growth in marketing spend
  • Risk free product launch
  • Error minimisation for management decision making
  • Optimisation of marketing spend for best return on equity
  • Longevity of staff with productivity gains

Management Strategies for Planning that Defend against Contingencies

  • Prepare for the economic, political and social challenges your Company may encounter
  • Confidently invest in exciting new ventures
  • Develop morale building and productive management processes
  • Inspire supportive environments that foster innovation
  • Accurately assess & implement positive new ideas

Strategic Business Advice

Business Advice for growth & expansion

Request input to help achieve high performance results

Management Strategies that work

Your business is unique, and strategies are methods of achieving goals in the context of resources and uncontrollable factors around us... so how could off-the-shelf strategies work?Adaptive management cycle

The answer is they cannot work... which is why you need to tap into management strategy consultants who know how to read your circumstances and adjust the factors so you become the winner.

Methods of management strategy development can be derived from many models used by national and international organisations. The Strategic Management expertise you'll enjoy taps into the past 100+ years of strategic management accumulated knowledge, and 1000's of models like this one, so you don't have to "reinvent the wheel".

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