Summary of GroceryTrack©

Brain-child of Launch Engineering Principals, Leigh Cowan and Michael Crisp, and one of our Associate Consultants, Grocery Track has been developed to deliver FMCG marketers powerful market research information at affordable costs in today's budget constrained environment.

The true value you enjoy when talking to us about this, or any FMCG research and information analysis services, is the benefit of insight, technical marketing knowledge and experience. The real issues in market research is discovery of the most pertinent information you do NOT have... and the team that will work on your account are expert at finding the key information that delivers maximum payback on your market research dollar.

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Grocery Track Category Selection & Participation

We select category timing by way of industry demand. To have you category scheduled in advance, contact us now.

Grocery Track FMCG Market Research

FMCG Marketing success is, and always has been, built upon knowing and understanding the needs and wants of market segments.

Up to now the cost of market research has been prohibitive except to market leaders, who also have budget limitations.

To empower all marketers the research team from Launch Engineering has developed GroceryTrack© - a service that delivers the proprietary benefits of quantitative primary research at the cost of secondary research.

Identify & Monitor Segments Affordable
Measure Brand Loyalty Accurate
Determine Brand Substitutability Reliable
Develop New Product opportunities Insightful
Reveal Brand Importance to Retail Can be tailored
Discover Usage & Attitudes Analysis included

Grocery Track Quality Control

Expert Strategic Input

Expert marketing specialists AND strategy experts ensure you generate unbeatable value and the highest standard of insights possible.

Empower yourself at category review - understand market issues your buyers don't know. Reveal branding issues that reinforce the importance of your shelf presence to retailers. Impress buyers & deliver a better case for ranging, new lines and greater shelf presence.

Discover your strongest brand loyalty & brand equity factors. Forge a more effective positioning statement, advertising & branding insights. Uncover potential gaps in the market place for NPD opportunities.

Expose the weaknesses in buyer readiness & identify more accurate promotional opportunities. Find out where to best spend media budget for maximum effect. See what impact your efforts have and what advertising effort does to help or hinder your category position.

Where do you stand in the market? Where are your competitors positioned in the market? Should you re-position or stay put?

Find inspiration for product augmentation and future product development. Expose product portfolio options and pricing issues. Search for new opportunities and new product ideas.


Grocery Track Benefits

Brand and category market research for the grocery channel

CONFIDENTIALITY: Other organizations who participate will not have any access to your participation, questions or research report. All work will be undertaken to strict client confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, typical of all single-client engagements.

METHODOLOGY: Very large, nationwide sample of Australian grocery buyers. Utilizes quantitative research (online survey), offering reliability and validity of findings.

COST: The cost is significantly lower than commissioning equal research solely by your organization. As a guide, the cost is reduced by around 75%.

REPORTING: Individual report detailing the analysis and findings of all your organizations questions, just like commissioning your own study. A presentation of the findings can be undertaken at your organization by our project team.