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Avoid the Six Common Mistakes in Product Sampling

  1. Sample size - How much should you provide?
  2. Packaging design - Sachets are suicide!
  3. Sampling purpose - Strategic & secondary advantages
  4. Product positioning - Protect brand image
  5. Budgeting (return vs. cost) - Do you KNOW the ROI?
  6. Distribution of samples - What THEY don't tell you!

Get these right and you'll win, big time: A classic study revealed an in-home product sampling increased sales of a product by 60 percent during a sampling program, but 12 weeks after the program was terminated, sales rose by 233%!

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Members of our team have consulted to a plethora of FMCG companies around the world. They have been on the teams of countless successful sampling projects. They have had Product Sampling papers published in Marketing periodicals and magazines. They have managed, or consulted to, successful product sampling businesses, here and overseas.. Members of our team have managed brands they made successful, partially due to product sampling... and they can help you with their extensive education and experience, so YOU get the best out of your sampling initiatives, too.

FMCG Launch - Probability of Trial

"Risk adverse consumers are more likely to trial a new product if it has been heavily advertised, because media "weighty" budgets create more confidence that expectations of product quality will be met." - Journal of Consumer Research

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