What a Marketing Plan is...

Identifying a Great Marketing Plan from a weak Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan Should Achieve Marketing Objectives & Implement Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Plan is a Formal & Accurately Articulated Instruction Set for Achieving a Business Outcome

What a marketing plan is, acheiving marketing objectives and implementing marketing strategyA marketing plan is a clear concise set of instructions that lay out exactly how a company will achieve its objectives, or better them.

The purpose of a Marketing Plan is to act as a step-by-step manual that lays out the specific means by which a company goes from where it is now to where is wants to be.

A good Marketing Plan includes indivisible tactics, feedback & control and contingences

But the need for a marketing plan goes much deeper than just an instruction set for the organisations’ pricing, product, distribution, promotion, people and processes... a marketing plan reassures management that it is in the right business, within the right industry, and is seeing the whole picture.

A marketing plan takes into account the world around us, the whole industry, variables beyond control, unforeseeable contingencies, and defines a clear and tangible objective on which everyone can focus and all evaluate performance. A marketing plan embraces change... it is the quintessential defence against reduced ROI and loss of profits.

"A marketing plan is a detailed treasure map that directs you through hazards, around landmarks and accurately to the treasure you seek" - Leigh Cowan, Head of Planning & Strategy, Launch Engineering

A properly written marketing plan means successful business

Marketing Plans are so important it more than pays to create a marketing plan that you confidently KNOW WILL be a concise way to increase profitable business and successfully achieve your goals.

Marketing is perhaps the least understood concept in business management : It's much more than advertising or selling.  A brief definition of marketing is "the holistic process of managing exchange". This means controlling much more than "products or services to a group of customers that have a need that your product or service satisfies"... often coined by OTHER marketing plan web pages. [SEE: Definition of Marketing"]

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What should be in a corporate marketing plan?

Corporate professional planners instantly recognise free marketing planning templates, on the web as 'limited'.

A proper marketing plan SHOULD be a brief but crystal clear and concise 'how-to' manual that lays out the exact and specific steps necessary to achieve the goals it sets for itself.

A Marketing Plan contains logic, structure with known marketing models that accurately project proposed outcomes. A Marketing Plan does NOT contain facts the readers already know, theories they don't need to ponder, or other irrelevancies.

Help for Experienced & New Marketing Plan Writers

Our people are academically, as well as commercially, adept marketing plan writers. We've studied the templates, read the manuals, reviewed the world's best, shaken our head in dismay at some of the inferior offerings on the web - even from government offices of small business! We have taught the craft of writing marketing plans to MBA's using the purest academic components to sophisticate the discipline.

What's most important we have written marketing plans for >$1B  down to $10M business that have been accurate, successful and highly regarded by our clients.

The right marketing plan approach

You need marketing plan that is made for YOUR business. Avoid templates - specially free ones - are the 'snake-oil' of marketing plans.

Base all your marketing planning on accurate and objective market research and industry knowledge, using benchmarks from other industries only if they are relevant.

The professional marketing plan ensures that you manage the whole Nexus of Marketing with the finesse and artistry of the best marketers in the world.

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A Marketing plan means marketing accountability !

A Marketing Plan empowers you to understand your total environment, your own capabilities, competition, change and the market. It allows you to layout marketing communications, sales , internet action plans and tactics AND to set monitoring, feedback and control devices to ensure objectives ARE achieved.

The Golden rule of great marketing plans

Your company is unique - its competitors, industry, environment, capabilities, people and processes are special to your organisation ALONE! When you start a marketing plan from 'scratch', you generate the best possible marketing plan because it is specifically tailored to the issues and the enterprise.

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