Our Goal is to Deliver Better Advice than major global consultancies like McKinsey, Cap Gem, BCG, Accenture & Others

To do this, we need extraordinary people, with extraordinary qualifications, achievements, gusto and dedication... if you qualify, don't hesitate to

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Senior Marketing Business & Management Consulting Experts welcome

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Management and Strategic Marketing Consultants Wanted
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Join a Team of World Authorities & Outstanding Experts in Marketing Strategic & Management Consulting

Are you a world authority, recognised thought leader or PhD-qualified expert in a particular field of strategic business marketing and/or planning & leadership?

Do you have a career history of your own outstanding successes over your career?

Are you so senior that you're told you are OVER-qualified for senior marketing jobs?

Consulting Work for senior executives

Credentials you need to work at Launch Engineering

A certain amount of fame, that has followed genuine, extraordinary success. Its likely you will have, long ago, lost more press clippings about you than you retain.

You will have done the 'hard-yards"... and tertiary academic study, specifically in business studies.

A genuine desire to responsibly mentor and help business people enjoy breakthrough business success.

An experience set and objective understanding of the standard of work produced by 'tier one' consultancies and the ability to deliver better than they do.

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No we do NOT run CV's through a computerised machine... we appraise every worthwhile applicant personally and individually!

25 years (or more) Experience AND post-grad Qualifications

We want a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience that is rare to find in many executivesMostly, you'll have a passion for achieving the impossible, beating the odds, and breaking records.

It will help if you can show immediate value to the firm, but you are free to perform as you know best, so you can produce at your nominated level.

All we ask is that clients are elated at your work, impressed with your diligence, inspired by your recommendations, and bless the day they met you.

If you meet the criteria above, and are keen to join the ranks described as possessing "a small touch of genius", call us and have a chat, send us a CV or drop us a line.

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Just be really good at what you do

Launch Engineering consultants are all extraordinary.. so if you are too, talk to us.



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