Business Advice for Opening a Subsidiary in Australia

EVERY Country is different from another! Check you haven't made any dangerous assumptions.

Starting a business in Australia: Market entry strategiesFacts To Help You Decide Where When How & If To Market In Australia...

Identifying that Australia is a potential growth market for your international expansion is one thing. To actually sell in Australia profitably, and understand how to trade, is a step more complicated.

Local knowledge can stop you making an expensive, or even terminal, error of judgement, but better still, can give you an edge over competitors.

Market Conditions in Australia that Differ from Other Countries

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Key things to Know when Opening a Subsidiary in Australia

How to open a business in AustraliaTo open a branch in Australia, and market in Australia, you need to know local conditions, the fastest ways to breakeven and hit budget, how to avoid the pitfalls, pot holes and land mines and enjoy product launch success.

Implementing a new strategy to expand into international markets demands the best in local knowledge and experience, expert skills. The added benefit from the leading edge strategy consultants at LE is a bundle of zest, passion and dedication... some street smarts and battle scars.

If you are truly dedicated to making an Australian subsidiary a success, or if you are an overseas executive who wants to fast-track your operational-local knowledge, click this button to email, dial 02 8011 4355 to call, or fill out the webmail form, below.

Adapt Your International Business Model to Australian Conditions NOW

Open a Subsidiary in Australia

Starting a Business in Australia the Easiest Way

To trade in Australia, you need to understand:

  • Legal and Compliance Issues
  • Geography & Demographics
  • Workforce Dynamics
  • Industry & Competition
  • Social & Cultural Anomalies
  • Socio-economic Dynamics
  • Regional & Environmental Peculiarities
  • The Economy, Business & Marketing
  • Perceptions, Attitudes, Values & Beliefs

If you need detailed information download this detailed guide to starting a new business in Australia, prepared by our friends at PWC.

Trade in Australia, Do Business in Australia Open in Australia... but Minimise Your Risk with...

Sales Management

Market assessment, business and marketing planning, Business development, sales recruitment, sales support and sales management. Followed by a smooth hand-over and/or delegation to executive staff as your business grows.

Market & Business Development

Opportunity recognition, segmentation, gap analysis, competition analysis, SWOT analysis, new product and new market development assessment. Delegate identifications of blue-ocean opportunities by briefing is on your core capabilities.

Cost Minimisation

Overhead minimisation, administrative controls, performance management, productivity optimisation, superior positioning and promotions management. Start with an exploration brief, and grow from there!

Reporting & Feedback

Sales progress, market acceptance, contingencies, planning & decision-making, sales forecasting, merger acquisition opportunities, exit plan strategies. Enjoy C-level leadership and responsibility without the overhead of a permanent or full time VP.

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