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Why is this marketing consultancy called "Launch Engineering"?

Real Marketing SuccessThe use of marketing 'science' in product launch & marketing is sometimes referred to as 'marketing engineering'.

As product launch is crucial to the future of any enterprise, the decision to call the firm "Launch Engineering' was to imply the use of "marketing science", as well as experience, in helping with marketing & strategy for a product launch.

Committed to deliver highly scientific and potent management methods & tools, developed by leading business schools around the world, our marketing consulting agency maintains the name Launch Engineering, to reflect scientific marketing skills and to communicate the benefits of knowledge of product launch methods and our ability to “engineer’ all the marketing variables in order to successfully launch a product.

As of 2016, we created an independent trading name, "Leading-Edge-Strategy", to reinforce our commitment to providing leading marketing advice and consulting services.

The Mission for Our Marketing Firm

"To empower organisations to achieve optimal results by using marketing science and knowledge based on commercial reality."

  1. Help businesses understand the depth of and REAL meaning of marketing & strategy.
  2. Help businesses embrace USEFUL marketing science to improve strategy & performance.
  3. Help organisations IMPLEMENT marketing & strategy for outstanding results, gain & profit.

A Strategic Marketing Firm ...

A (proper) Marketing Firm is NOT an Advertising Agency!

We are a Marketing Consulting Firm with Marketing Experts & Consultants, not Graphic Designers or Web Developers.

Creative marketing communications & advertising comes long after marketing strategy. IF Marketing Communications precedes strategic thinking, you are doomed (unless you are simply selling a gimmick). An "advertising idea first" approach will inhibit, if not undermine, success. However, it is common for many design agencies to call themselves strategy experts, without qualifications, or the understanding of strategy necessary for optimised marketing management. 

REMEMBER: Only after planning is done, is it design time  Learn more...

The science of Marketing is understanding ALL aspects of "managing exchange": Marketing goes FAR DEEPER than "Marketing Communications" and strategic marketing firms are able to harness and streamline the whole "marketing mix".  [See the Definition of Marketing.]

Cutting-edge market research and disciplined strategy planning works.

We just happen to almost always massively increase sales and profits for clients. Can your marketing and management advisors offer you anything close to this?

If you want to explosively improve long term profit while empowering your organisation with sustainable competitive advantage, creating market dominance, you'd better email us now.

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A Better Alternative to Bain, Booz, BCG, McKinsey, Deloitte, Accenture, etc.

Launch Engineering builds sustainable competitive advantage achievable from strategy management disciplines, guiding corporate strategy & planning: A consultancy committed to deliver extraordinary results with the tools of McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, BCG and other major international consultancies, but not their bureaucracy and tethers, limitations and flaws.

Use the skills, training, experience and knowledge of a marketing agency where the senior consultants work on your account, rather than supervise juniors.

The visionary, exceptional founders of profound, recognised strategic marketing & management consulting firms have long since retired, died, been usurped or replaced.

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When you utilise our marketing firm, you ONLY get a leader, who has actually been in your position and has been successful in your shoes. Try finding that in most major consultancies!

Your business is too important to be used for training juniors. Senior executives in big firms are administrators, supervising juniors who have limited experience. At LE, you have only senior executives, who are leading specialists in their fields, considered expert in at least one relevant discipline to your needs.

What's more is LE is one of the few high-level professional consultancies that will put its performance capabilities on the line, with an optional part-performance/part fee billing option. Contact us for more information...

Launch Engineering brings originality to the table... synergistically combining practical ability with relevant and usable academic knowledge. You get better value, more productivity and faster results.

So, if you want really sustainable competitive advantage, true marketing expertise, the benefits of academic knowledge and the wisdom of experience, just call 02 8011 4355 NOW.

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A Sydney based strategy and marketing firm specialising in advanced, proprietary marketing methods in strategy, management, research, marketing planning and branding

Our mission is to empower you with the best: Market research and Information Management, Marketing Strategy Development and Marketing Planning, New Product Development and Launch assistance... from concept to commercialisation with uniquely insightful Marketing Management, counselling, tips and advice.

Using art AND science, Launch Engineering is the next best thing to product launch insurance. So let us help you, Contact us now!

Protecting I.P.

Launch Engineering treats all information shared in discussions, strictly confidential. Sensitive information is kept completely secure, from any parties outside the management team and consultants working on the client’s business. Preliminary inquirers enjoy the same strict respect for their confidentiality as our paying clients and no parties will be privy to any conversations without the consent of the principals concerned.

Strategy and marketing focussed on new product launch marketing solutions...

... by applying the knowledge available from decades of real successes, of real business in real industries, and combining our own real success experiences (and the odd failure) to really make a difference.

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